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Movie mode

In the G10, the high resolution mode (1024x768) is gone. Instead the user has the option of VGA (640x480) at 30 FPS, and 320x240 at 30 FPS (the compact mode that captured movies at 160x120 is now gone). The time lapse mode is gone too, so that there are now only three settings in the movie mode - Standard, Colour Accent and Colour Swap.

The user can apply many of the effects from still photographic modes such as the my colour settings and the ND filter. White balance is also available, as is exposure compensation via the dedicated exposure compensation dial.

Video files are now recorded in MOV format instead of AVI. The movie quality is excellent (the MOV files are large; about 1.7MB/s for VGA/30fps) with no really obvious artifacts and good exposure, there is still a lot of noise at high ISO. As stills cameras go, the G10 remains a pretty good movie camera.

There is a dedicated movie mode on the main mode dial, which is where the screen captures here were taken. As with stills recording you can choose the amount of information overlaid on the live preview image.
You can, if you so desire, shoot your movies using the Color Accent and Color Swap effects.
There is a simple brightness control which can be used during the recording of a clip (zoom is available, but it is only digital zoom). In movie mode you can preset the brightness level. Here you can also see the exposure compensation at work in the movie mode.
In movie mode the FUNC menu offers quick access to white balance, My Colors effects and movie size / frame rate. There is a also a cut down record menu in Movie mode.
Whilst recording you get a basic screen showing elapsed time (you can optionally turn on the grid too).
In playback mode you get some basic controls for playing movies, slow motion, fast forward and rewind and edit.
Choose edit and you can trim the start and end of the movie clip, and save the result as a new file or overwrite the existing clip.

Sample movie

640 x 480 pixels @ 30 fps
File size: 14 MB
10 seconds

Click on the thumbnail to view the movie (caution: large file!)

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Still a fantastic camera, and how wrong the conclusion was about how popular the G10 would be :). It's certainly not easy to predict camera sales or popularity, however, the G10 offered so much right I can't see how the conclusion could be anything other than highly recommended. Having owned the G10 before, twice, I still crave using it despite the fact that I've owned the G11,12, 15, and now 16 since. Although the G16 is infinitely better in many respects, the G10 remains the kind of camera that challenges the photographer to do everything right - and when he/she does, it rewards you with fantastic image quality.

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