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Left Side Controls

Well, control. On the left side of the camera is the manual focus button. Simply press and use the up and down arrow keys to focus, a graphical representation of the current focus distance is shown on the LCD (there are about 30 steps in total).

it would have been nice to have some kind of visual readout of the actual distance and/or a magnified view of the center of the frame to make it easier to judge focus.

Record mode display

Here, an example of information overlay in Program Auto Exposure mode. Camera settings are shown down the left hand side of the display.

In this case: Flash Cancel, Single Shot, Incandescent White Balance, +0.7 EV compensation.

In this example we're already half-pressed the shutter release and are ready to shoot. Notice the exposure is now displayed along with a camera shake warning (tripod / brace recommended) After shooting a preview is displayed briefly (this can be disabled or set to 2 or 10 seconds) if you press SET then * you can choose to delete the image before it is written out to the CF card.
Example of Shutter Priority mode (before half-pressing the shutter release). Example of Aperture Priority mode (before half-pressing the shutter release).

Manual Focus

Here's an example of Manual Focus, the bar graph on the right side represents the current focus position, there are in fact 30 focus points from Macro through to Infinity.

Playback display

Switching to play mode immediately displays the last image taken. Depending on the previously chosen display mode you'll either see this (clean image, no info overlaid) Basic information overlaid, folder / filename, frame number, image quality / size, date / time.
Detailed information overlaid, folder / filename, exposure mode, shutter speed, aperture, exposure compensation, white balance, focus mode, frame number, image quality / size, date / time.  

In Jump mode you can jump through 10 images at a time without switching to thumbnail view mode. Thumbnail view, 3 x 3 images displayed, you can use the 4-way controller to move the selector rectangle between images.
Zoom, first level (2.5x). In this view I've left the information overlay shown. Use the 4-way controller to smoothly scroll around the image. Zoom, second level (5.0x). Use the 4-way controller to smoothly scroll around the image.
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