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Camera Menus

The EOS 5D menu system is virtually identical in operation to the EOS 20D, you navigate by turning either camera dial and press the SET button to modify / enter, you can press JUMP to skip to the next section. The menu is still split into three categories (red, blue, yellow) which is indicated by the colored scroll bar down the right edge of the menu.

Shooting Section (Red)

Values / Actions
Quality *
 • Large / Fine
 • Large / Normal
 • Medium / Fine
 • Medium / Normal
 • Small / Fine
 • Small / Normal
 • RAW + Large / Fine
 • RAW + Large / Normal
 • RAW + Medium / Fine
 • RAW + Medium / Normal
 • RAW + Small / Fine
 • RAW + Small / Normal
 • RAW

- 4368 x 2912 JPEG Fine
- 4368 x 2912 JPEG Normal
- 3168 x 2112 JPEG Fine
- 3168 x 2112 JPEG Normal
- 2496 x 1664 JPEG Fine
- 2496 x 1664 JPEG Normal
- 4368 RAW + 4368 JPEG Fine
- 4368 RAW + 4368 JPEG Normal
- 4368 RAW + 3168 JPEG Fine
- 4368 RAW + 3168 JPEG Normal
- 4368 RAW + 2496 JPEG Fine
- 4368 RAW + 2496 JPEG Normal
- 4368 x 2912 RAW

Beep  • On
 • Off
Enables auto focus confirmation beep. Also used for self timer.
Shoot w/o card  • On
 • Off
Allow shot to be taken without CF card inserted.
AEB  • +/-2 EV
 • 1/3 or 1/2 EV steps (C.Fn 6)
Configures auto exposure bracketing.
WB Shift / BKT
 • Shift: B9-A9, M9-G9
 • Bracket: BA+/-3, MG+/-3
Configures WB shift and WB bracketing.
Custom WB  • Set custom WB Select image for custom WB.
Color temp.  • 2800 - 10000 K in 100 K steps Select Kelvin WB temperature.
Color space  • sRGB
 • Adobe RGB
Picture Style *  • Standard
 • Portrait
 • Landscape
 • Neutral
 • Faithful
 • Monochrome
 • User Def. 1
 • User Def. 2
 • USer Def. 3

Picture Style explained

New to the EOS 5D (and the EOS-1D Mark II N) is the concept of 'Picture Style', these are pre-programmed image parameter sets which are intended for the most 'pleasing' reproduction in various situations. Each Picture Style has its own preset mapping for tone and color response as well as providing the ability to tune sharpness, contrast, saturation and color tone for each. For instance the default sharpening for the Standard Picture Style is level 3, in my opinion level 2 is more appropriate and it's easy to modify this. Note that sharpness now has 8 levels (0 to 7) and contrast, saturaiton and color tone have 9 levels (-4 to +4).

Playback Section (Blue)

Protect mode, allows you to browse images either in a single image or thumbnail view and mark each image as protected (or un-protect). This simply sets the read-only flag on the CF card filesystem.
Rotate mode, again, this can be performed in either single image or thumbnail index view. This option allows you to rotate an image on-screen by 90 or 270 degrees. Doesn't actually rotate the JPEG file, but marks its orientation.
Print Order Allows you to create a DPOF print order file, this defines which images will be printed, how many copies of each, what format etc. For use with compatible printers or photo finishers.
Auto Play Start an automated slideshow of images on the CF card, delay between each image is preset at four seconds.
Review time Select the record review time: 2, 4, 8 sec or Hold (as long as the shutter release button is held down).
AF points Choose to display or not display the active AF points in playback (only detailed playback view).
Histogram Select either Brightness (Luminance) or RGB histogram display.

Setup Section (Yellow)

Values / Actions
Auto power off  • 1 min
 • 2 min
 • 4 min
 • 8 min
 • 15 min
 • 30 min
 • Off
Sets camera power off time, this is the amount of "idle time" before the camera powers itself off. In the power off state the camera can be woken by pressing any key.
Auto rotate  • Off
 • On
When enabled the camera will display shots taken in the vertical orientation rotated.
LCD Brightness  • -2 to +2 Sets the LCD backlight strength.
Date/Time  • Set Date & Time
 • Set Date format
File numbering  • Continuous
 • Auto reset
Controls the numbering method used for filenames.
Select folder *
 • 100EOS5D (etc.)
 • Create folder
Select record / display folder

 • English
 • German
 • French
 • Dutch
 • Danish
 • Finnish
 • Italian
 • Norwegian
 • Swedish
 • Spanish
 • Simplified Chinese
 • Japanese
 • Traditional Chinese
 • Korean
 • Russian

Select menu language.
Video system  • NTSC
 • PAL
Select video system for video out connector.
Communication *  • PC connection
 • PTP
Sets USB communication protocol.
Format Format the CF card  
Custom Functions Set up custom functions (See next page)
Clear settings  • Clear all camera settings
 • Clear all custom functions
 • Clear registered camera settings
 • Cancel
Clears camera settings and or just custom functions
Register camera settings *  • Cancel
 • OK
Register the current camera settings to the 'C' mode
Sensor clean  • Cancel
 • OK
Select OK to flip up the mirror and open the shutter to allow you to clean the sensor. Power Off once done.
Firmware Select to load new firmware from CF card Also shows current version, on our pre-production camera; 3.9.1 (beta)

* New or changed compared to the EOS 20D

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Total comments: 15

Still worthy 10 years on because you can shoot it at any selectable ISO in RAW and it`ll be excellent, doesn`t ever get noisy (about half a stop or less noisier than the D700 or D3S in Capture one at ISO3200) , even the DR is good - JPG engine is both dated and limited but as a RAW only camera, it stands up .. Pixel level sharpness (therefore resolution of fine details) is better the D700 or D3 due to a weaker AA filter .

Focus is fast enough , though really best seen as a centre focus only system due to the lack of cross sensors anywhere else , excellent on batteries too.

1 upvote
Hai Ching Lee


I bought one last month for Usd500 in super good and working condition but without any lens......
I bought an L Lens 24-105mm f4 for another Usd 500...... a 50mm f1.4 for Usd350.......
After much testings around, I noticed 5D is not good at Indoor unless with the help of a Flash......However , at Outdoor I must say it is a Super duper Good Full Frame machine even though it is around 8 years old........!!!

I still feel it is a Good Investment as far as dollars and cents counts......
An FX cameras from Nikon like the D700 body will cost Usd1.3k in Malaysia......

I also own a Nikon D90 with standard kit lens 18-105mm, 70-300mm Tel lens, a Fx 24-50mm f3.5-4 and 20mm f2.8 and others...
Recently I bought an Adapter for Nikon lens to Eos FX body like 5D..........It WORKS very well but have to Manually focus......So now I can have Nikon lens on 5D body which safe me a lot for a start....!!
Used 5D MK-II is selling here at around Usd1.6k which I am looking forward to...!!


I am using a nikkon D 5100. Have the opportunity to purchase a cannon eos 5d in excellent condition for $500 with 50mm f1.8 lens. Any advantages to this camera vs what I currently have besides FF? Good investment? I currently do not own any pro lenses from nikkon.

Pascal Parvex

Well, that is a great deal. I would do it.


The 5D was and is my first digital camera. It has served me with spectacular results. It's main minus for me has been its inability to use the higher ISO's, as anything higher than 200 produces visible grain in images that I print very large on my epson 24" printer. I almost always shoot with a monopod to assure the results.
Technology has changed and improved and I am searching for a replacement. I am invested in excellent Canon lenses and want to stay with Canon. I also want a camera that is not as heavy as my 5D (I am old and am fatigued by the weight of the 5D which I affectionately call "my brick".) Price is an issue too.
Still casting about trying to find a replacement.

frosty 7

hi i jus bot a canon eos 5d from a friend am i able to record video with the camera ?


No, unfortunately you are not able to shot video, neither by installing Magic Lantern (because the camera is not equipped with live view).


Easy answer: Buy a Sony A7 mirrorless and a metabones adapter to use all Canon AF lenses.


Since you have invested in Canon lenses, I think the Canon 6D is what you are looking for, if you are still looking.


I wish you guys would do a new comparison with the 5D, would love to see it vs the newer dslr's


Agreed! In all cameras announced around that time, only EOS 5D still attracts many discussions in DPR forums. How many are still talking Nikon D200 that announced just three months later these days? If you don't print/view in very big size, EOS 5D actually withstands most today's FF cameras very well till ISO 800/1600 in IQ, no mention crop cameras.


I love my 5D.
Using the 5D with quality Canon L lenses produces images that I do not see a difference between them and those taken by a newer camera (5D II, 5D III).

If video is not needed or required, then finding a clean 5D would be prudent.
Some very well kept, used lightly by some hobbyists can be found at around a $1,000 or less.

I have no immediate plans to shell out $3,000 or more for a newer model that is not going to give me much over the 5D, in terms of image quality.

But for commercial photographers, that's a different situation.


Ditto. I could not be happier with my 5D. I'm also disappointed that the set up for image comparison keeps changing. It makes it difficult to compare any older digital camera with anything contemporary.


I just sold my trusty old 5D. I love the camera but I will not miss cleaning the sensor every other week and fixing dust spots in lightroom! That was always a royal pain in the neck. Still a great camera.

Pascal Parvex

I don't know what you mean. I own the 5D since 2006 and have cleaned the sensor only once.

Total comments: 15