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Image parameters (contd.)


The sharpness setting of zero appears to mean 'apply no sharpening at all', hence this is the image as captured (soft because of the anti-alias filter). The default setting for Standard Picture Style is two and three for Landscape.

Sharpness: 0 (Neutral and Faithful default)
Sharpness: 1
Sharpness: 2 (Portrait default)
Sharpness: 3 (Standard and Monochrome default)
Sharpness: 4 (Landscape default)
Sharpness: 5
Sharpness: 6
Sharpness: 7

Contrast adjustment

Adjusting the tone alters the shape of the 'S curve' used to map the linear image data captured by the sensor into the correct gamma. A lower contrast setting maintains more of the original data's dynamic range but leads to a flatter looking image. A higher contrast setting stretches the grayscale (dark to light) of the image and could lead to clipping of both shadow detail and highlights. The EOS 40D provides a wide range of adjustment with nine steps from -4 to +4.

  Thumbnail Luminosity histogram
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the new version looks better in the statistics but for my needs the EOS 30D is sufficient. Regards