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Custom Functions

Custom functions on the EOS 40D are split into four categories, each has its own menu and is identified using a roman numeral (I, II, III and IV).


C.Fn I: Exposure

I-1: Exposure level increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1/2 stop
I-2: ISO speed setting increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1 stop
I-3: ISO expansion 0: Off
1: On (enables ISO 3200; H)
I-4: Bracketing auto cancel 0: On
1: Off
I-5: Exposure Bracketing sequence 0: 0, -, +
1: -, 0, +
I-6: Exposure Safety shift 0: Disable
1: Enable (Tv/Av)
I-7: Exposure flash sync speed in Av mode 0: Auto
1: 1/250 sec (fixed)

C.Fn II: Image

II-1: Image Long exp. noise reduction 0: Off
1: Auto
2: On
II-2: High ISO speed noise reduction 0: Off
1: On
II-3: Image Highlight tone priority 0: Disable
1: Enable

C.Fn III: Auto focus / Drive

III-1: Lens drive when AF impossible 0: Focus search on
1: Focus search off
III-2: Lens AF stop button function 0: AF stop
1: AF start
2: AE lock
3: AF point: M->Auto / Auto->Ctr
4: One Shot <-> AI Servo
5: IS start
III-3: AF point selection method 0: Normal
1: Multi-controller direct
2: Quick Control Dial direct
III-4: Superimposed display 0: On
1: Off
III-5: AF-assist beam firing 0: Enable
1: Disable
2: Only external flash emits
III-6: AF during Live View shooting 0: Disable
1: Enable
III-7: Mirror lockup 0: Disable
1: Enable

C.Fn IV: Operation / Others

IV-1: Shutter button / AF-ON button 0: Metering + AF start
1: Metering + AF start / AF stop
2: Metering start / Meter+AF start
3: AE lock / Metering + AF start
4: Metering + AF start / disable
IV-2: AF-ON / AE lock button switch 0: Disable
1: Enable
IV-3: SET button when shooting
(only when Live View is diabled)
0: Normal (disabled)
1: Change quality
2: Change Picture Style
3: Menu display
4: Image replay
IV-4: Dial direction during Tv/Av 0: Normal
1: Reverse direction
IV-5: Focusing Screen 0: Ef-A
1: Ef-D
2: Ef-S
IV-6: Add original decision data 0: Off
1: On
IV-7: Live View exposure simulation 0: Disable (LCD auto adjust)
1: Enable (simulates exposure)

My Menu

The 'My Menu' feature on the EOS 40D allows you to produce a custom menu made up of any of the cameras menu options (including custom functions) which means that previously buried but useful options such as Mirror lockup can now be brought to a top level menu.

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the new version looks better in the statistics but for my needs the EOS 30D is sufficient. Regards