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Camera Menus

Setup 1 menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Auto power off  • 30 sec
 • 1 min
 • 2 min
 • 4 min
 • 8 min
 • 15 min
 • Off
Sets camera power off time, this is the amount of "idle time" before the camera powers itself off. In the power off state the camera can be woken by half or fully depressing the shutter release (or turning the power switch to Off and back to On).
Auto rotate  • On (play mode and EXIF)
 • On (EXIF)
 • Off
When enabled the camera will display shots taken in the vertical orientation rotated.
LCD Brightness  • 1 - 7 Sets the LCD lamp strength. [clip]
Date/Time  • Set Date & Time
 • Set Date format
File numbering  • Continuous *
 • Auto reset
 • Manual reset
Controls the numbering method used for filenames.
Format  • Cancel
 • OK
Format the CF card

Setup 2 menu

Option Values / Actions Notes

 • English
 • Deutsch
 • Francais
 • Nederlands
 • Dansk
 • Suomi
 • Italiano
 • Norsk
 • Svenska
 • Espanol
 • Russian
 • Chinese (Simplified)
 • Chinese (Traditional)
 • Korean
 • Japanese

Select menu language.
Video system  • NTSC
 • PAL
Select video system for video out connector.
Custom Functions (See below)  
Clear settings  • Clear all camera settings
 • Clear all custom functions
 • Cancel
Sensor cleaning: Auto  • Clean now
 • Set up
Clean when on/off: Enable
Clean when on/off: Disable
Allows you to execute a clean on the sensor and also define whether or not automatic cleaning is carried out. [clip]
Sensor cleaning: Manual  • OK
 • Cancel
Select OK to flip up the mirror and open the shutter to allow you to clean the sensor. Power Off once done.
Firmware ver.   Shows current firmware version

Custom Functions (C. Fn) menu

Option Values / Actions
01: SET button / cross keys function

0: SET: Picture Style
1: SET: Quality
2: SET: Flash exp comp
3: SET: Playback
4: Cross keys: AF frame select

02: Long exposure noise reduction 0: Off
1: Auto
2: On
03: Flash sync. speed in Av mode 0: Auto
1: 1/200 sec (fixed)
04: Shutter button / AE lock button 0: AF/AE lock
1: AE lock/AF
2: AF/AF lock, no AE lock
3: AE/AF, no AE lock
05: AF-assist beam 0: Emits
1: Does not emit
2: Only external flash emits
06: Exposure level increments 0: 1/3 stop
1: 1/2 stop
07: Mirror lockup 0: Disable
1: Enable
08: E-TTL II 0: Evaluative
1: Average
09: Shutter curtain sync. 0: 1st-curtain sync
1: 2nd-curtain sync
10: Magnified view 0: Image playback only
1: Image review and playback
11: LCD display when power ON 0: Display
1: Retain power OFF status
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Total comments: 9
The Silver Nemesis

The 400D error (no top LCD) was repaired with the 760D. So, D80 has some competition right now...


great camera I took mine around australia Great photo's


I bought the EOS Rebel Xti a while back now have some holiday time on my hands over the xmas period and would like to learn more about the camera. Anyone able to tell me how I am able to take RAW format pictures with this camera.



The Canon 400D remains a very good first dSLR, with a balance of automatic, semi-automatic and manual controls to progress through as your creative photography skills improve.
I think it's very important for every Digital Photo Camera!

1 upvote
Sam Spark

I think all of the camera makers (Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc.) have been doing the same thing… just making minor, poor, or inconsequential upgrades to their cameras. I think they all got caught blindsided by the smart phone market.

1 upvote

Was a great little thing

Comment edited 45 seconds after posting

I want to know if kiss digital 400D can be used to shoot videos and movies. Can it also be used to shoot on long hours?


No! This has no video capability whatsoever!
Doesn't even have live-view!!!


Its a stills camera!

Total comments: 9