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Custom Parameter Sets (contd.)


As is typical of Canon digital SLR's the neutral sharpening level zero (0) is very conservative, perhaps this is why Canon has defined the 'Parameter 1' set which has a sharpening level of one (1) giving slightly sharper images 'straight out of the box'.

Sharpness: -2
Sharpness: -1
Sharpness: 0 (Parameter 2 default)
Sharpness: +1 (Parameter 1 default)
Sharpness: +2

Black & White mode

Inherited from the EOS 20D is the in-camera Black and White feature. In this mode you can choose the B&W filter and toning effect in addition to contrast and sharpness. The sample below was produced from a single RAW file converted by Canon RAW Image Task with different B&W settings (the same result as taking multiple shots in each B&W mode). In addition you can also add toning to these filters. Place your mouse over the label below the chart to see that image.

Color B&W:
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As I know the XT can simultaneously record raw and high-quality JPEG files, whereas the original Rebel's raw-plus-JPEG mode could capture only lower-quality JPEGs. You can also override the automatic seven-point AiAF focusing--a good thing, given its occasional unreliability--but doing so requires first pushing a button to initialize the process, then navigating to one of the seven points using either the directional buttons or the main dial. It's a little clunky, but you can actually streamline the process by changing the camera's custom settings to eliminate the first step.
What do you think about it?

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Sam Spark

Canon EOS Rebel line of DSLR cameras are the best for those wanting to get into more advanced photography. The main reason for this is that they allow full manual controls and the interchangeable lenses. These allow you to change so much of how the cameras functions in different lighting situations.The EOS Rebel T5 is a fast camera, has a huge bright 3.0-inch LCD monitor and exceptional autofocus with a 9-point AF system.One can take beautiful pictures automatically.

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Pascal Parvex

Bought this version (Rebel XT) for about $350 two years ago, refurbished. Still works well and has a good image quality.

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Thats amazing, I also saw one mint condition one in a computer shop and another in a camera store , its gorgeous camera to carry around ! :)

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