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Studio scene comparison (RAW)

Canon EOS 30D (RAW) vs. Canon EOS 5D (RAW)

Canon EOS 30D
Canon EOS 5D
2,552 KB JPEG (3504 x 2336)
3,509 KB JPEG (4368 x 2912)

In RAW the EOS 5D produces a lot of 'wow factor' and noticeably better per pixel sharpness than the EOS 30D, the difference in detail is even more stark here than in the JPEG comparison.

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The 30D had a 50 mm lens and the 5D had an 85mm lens and that could account for the difference in reading the globe etc.

marc petzold

Not really, the 5D is Fullframe, (x1.0 crop) whereas the 30D is Canon APS-C, and therefore with x1.6 crop - so the 50mm Lens behave itself like a 80mm lens compared to full frame, which is close to the 85mm Portrait focal lens onto the FF 5D.

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Total comments: 2