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Camera Menus

The EOS 300D's menus do not have the single page scrolling layout as found on the EOS 10D/D60/D30 but rather are more like the menus found on PowerShot digital cameras. Options are split into four separate paged menus. This is just as logical and in some respects quicker.

Shooting menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Quality  • Large / Fine *
 • Large / Normal
 • Medium / Fine
 • Medium / Normal
 • Small / Fine
 • Small / Normal
 • RAW (has embedded JPEG)

3072 x 2048 JPEG approx. 3.1 MB
3072 x 2048 JPEG approx. 1.8 MB
2048 x 1360 JPEG approx. 1.8 MB
2048 x 1360 JPEG approx. 1.2 MB
1536 x 1024 JPEG approx. 1.4 MB
1536 x 1024 JPEG approx. 0.9 MB
3072 x 2048 RAW approx. 6.0 MB

Red-eye on/off  • Off *
 • On
Enables the use of the AF / red-eye lamp just before a flash shot.
Auto Exposure Bracket  • 0 EV *
 • Up to +/-2.0 EV in 0.3 EV steps
Configures auto exposure bracketing steps
WB Bracket  • +/- 3 steps Configures WB auto bracketing steps
Beep  • On *
 • Off
Enables auto focus confirmation beep. Also used for self timer.
Custom WB  • Set custom WB Select image for custom WB.
Parameters **  • Parameter 1 *
 • Parameter 2
 • Adobe RGB
 • Set 1
 • Set 2
 • Set 3
 • Set up

- Contrast +1, Satur +1, Sharp +1
- Contrast 0, Satur 0, Sharp 0

- Customizable
-     "          "
-     "          "
- [clip of Set up menu]

* Default setting
** Remember the EOS 300D's parameters are twice as strong as the EOS 10D, thus +1 on the EOS 300D is the same as +2 on the EOS 10D.

Playback / Review menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Protect Enter protect mode, allows you to browse images either in a single image or thumbnail view and mark each image as protected (or un-protect). This simply sets the read-only flag on the CF card filesystem.  
Rotate Enter rotate mode, again, this can be performed in either single image or thumbnail index view. This option allows you to rotate an image on-screen by 90 or 270 degrees. Doesn't actually rotate the JPEG file, but marks its orientation.  
Print Order Allows you to create a DPOF print order file, this defines which images will be printed, how many copies of each, what format etc. For use with compatible printers or photo finishers.  
Auto Play Start an automated slideshow of images on the CF card, delay between each image is preset at four seconds.  
Review  • Off
 • On *
 • On (Info)
Enables or disables instant record review (image shown immediately after taking a shot). Info adds histogram, highlight and exposure information.
Review time  • 2 sec *
 • 4 sec
 • 8 sec
 • Hold
Defines the amount of time that the review image (described above) is shown on the LCD monitor. If this option is set to Hold then the image is displayed until the shutter release is half-pressed.
* Default setting

Setup 1 menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Auto power off  • 1 min *
 • 2 min
 • 4 min
 • 8 min
 • 15 min
 • 30 min
 • Off
Sets camera power off time, this is the amount of "idle time" before the camera powers itself off. In the power off state the camera can be woken by half or fully depressing the shutter release (or turning the power switch to Off and back to On).
Auto rotate  • Off *
 • On
When enabled the camera will display shots taken in the vertical orientation rotated.
LCD Brightness  • 1 - 5 Sets the LCD backlight strength.
Date/Time  • Set Date & Time
 • Set Date format
File numbering  • Continuous *
 • Auto reset
Controls the numbering method used for filenames.
Format  • Cancel
 • OK
Format the CF card
* Default setting

Setup 2 menu

Option Values / Actions Notes

 • English *
 • Deutsch
 • Francais
 • Nederlands
 • Dansk
 • Suomi
 • Italiano
 • Norsk
 • Svenska
 • Espanol
 • Chinese
 • Japanese

Select menu language.
Video system  • NTSC
 • PAL
Select video system for video out connector.
Communication  • Normal
 • PTP
Clear all camera settings  • Cancel
 • OK
Clears camera settings
Sensor clean  • Cancel
 • OK
Select OK to flip up the mirror and open the shutter to allow you to clean the sensor. Power Off once done.
Firmware ver.   Shows current firmware version
* Default setting
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Total comments: 5

Big downgrade from the 10D, first plastic body, second NO custom menus. This camera is aimed squarely at the PS crowd. The good news out of this is they are releasing a 100~400 F4 L with IS, assuming it's better optically than the current 100~400 this lens should sell like hot cakes!!!

It looks like Nikon/Minolta/Sony are in BIG trouble with this new camera.

1 upvote

The camera has a rotation sensor which allows automatic rotation of images. This is a very important feature lacking on other far more expensive cameras. I'm unsure if the images themselves are rotated, which saves a lot of time in post-production, or if just the previews are rotated, which is a lot less useful but still far better than the Nikon cameras I use like the D1H. I can manually rotate images inside my Canon A70, but this only applies to the preview. With the A70 I still have to rotate in post.

Charlie Medina

I purchased an EOS 300D in Bath, 2003, their first EOS product as I had been stolen my professional NIKON in Liverpool. It isn't too bad and using Photoshop you are able to improve pictures' quality. I am a freelance journalist/photograph.
Now, when I asked CANON for a copy of the lost original Firmware/software they refuse to deliver one. "No software is available" they said. My God! CANON forget old customers! Has any one a copy of original CD for an EOS 300D? PLEASE....I pay for that copy.
Tell me at


1 upvote

my camera wont do anything when turned on,no image on the sscreen no lights on, tried everything
Peter Rix


that's weird :(

Total comments: 5