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Camera INFO display

Camera information, pressing the INFO button with no reviewed image displays a quick overview of current camera configuration. In this example:

Current Date / Time, No AEB, No WB-BKT, Parameter 1 Image Parameters, 8 sec Record Review, 8 min power off, Auto rotate on, 221 MB free on CF card, ISO 800.

Review after shutter release

If enabled the EOS 300D will provide a review of the image shot immediately after the shutter release. This can be either a full screen image or an information view with a thumbnail of the image, a histogram and exposure information. As the EOS 300D is a 'shooting priority' camera a half-press of the shutter release will always cancel this display.

If you have the Review option set to On this is the kind of display you'll get after taking a shot, a simple full screen image with no overlaid information. With review set to On (Info) you'll get more detailed information. A smaller version of the image with overexposed areas highlighted (blinking), a histogram and exposure information.
During review you can choose to erase the image before it's "saved" by pressing the erase button.  

Play mode

The play button is used to enter the EOS 300D's play mode, from here you can browse through your images (turn the main dial or press left / right on the four way controller), examine under magnification or organize (delete) your images. As with record review a half or full press of the shutter release immediately cancels play mode.

Press the play button to display the last image taken (or the last image on the CF card). Unlike the EOS 10D the EOS 300D displays a fully detailed image immediately with no 'rough image' initial display. Press the INFO button to switch to the detailed histogram and exposure information view. Note that overexposed areas of the image are highlighted (blinking).
Press the enlarge (AF point select) button to magnify the image, the first level of magnification is 1.5x, there are ten further magnification levels up to 10x. Here we can see a 10x magnified image, use the four way controller to scroll around the image, you can still browse images in magnify mode by turning the main dial, click here (502 KB GIF) for an example of magnifying and then browsing without leaving magnify mode.
Press reduce / thumbnail (AE lock) button to switch to a thumbnail index view. Browse through images using four way controller or main dial. Press the JUMP button to switch to jump mode where you flip through pages of nine images at a time. I still think this could have been implemented more logically by another press of the reduce button.
Note you can also use JUMP mode with just a single image displayed. Press the erase button to be given the option to erase the current image or all images.
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Big downgrade from the 10D, first plastic body, second NO custom menus. This camera is aimed squarely at the PS crowd. The good news out of this is they are releasing a 100~400 F4 L with IS, assuming it's better optically than the current 100~400 this lens should sell like hot cakes!!!

It looks like Nikon/Minolta/Sony are in BIG trouble with this new camera.

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The camera has a rotation sensor which allows automatic rotation of images. This is a very important feature lacking on other far more expensive cameras. I'm unsure if the images themselves are rotated, which saves a lot of time in post-production, or if just the previews are rotated, which is a lot less useful but still far better than the Nikon cameras I use like the D1H. I can manually rotate images inside my Canon A70, but this only applies to the preview. With the A70 I still have to rotate in post.

Charlie Medina

I purchased an EOS 300D in Bath, 2003, their first EOS product as I had been stolen my professional NIKON in Liverpool. It isn't too bad and using Photoshop you are able to improve pictures' quality. I am a freelance journalist/photograph.
Now, when I asked CANON for a copy of the lost original Firmware/software they refuse to deliver one. "No software is available" they said. My God! CANON forget old customers! Has any one a copy of original CD for an EOS 300D? PLEASE....I pay for that copy.
Tell me at


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my camera wont do anything when turned on,no image on the sscreen no lights on, tried everything
Peter Rix


that's weird :(

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