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Shooting mode information

Pressing the INFO button with no reviewed image displays an overview of the current camera configuration, note that the Mark III provides two different info displays; Normal display and Shooting function display. In the latter mode the display can be used to change the settings shown without needing to look at the top LCD or into the viewfinder.

Normal display Shooting function display
Shooting function display: Change Focus Point Shooting function display: Change ISO

Record review & play displays

The Mark III has four different display modes for both record review and playback. You can choose to enable highlight alert and AF point display using playback menu.

Enter image playback mode by pressing the DISPLAY button. In playback mode the default display is 'single image', hold the DISPLAY button and rotate the main dial to change display mode. The selected display mode is also used for record review.

Single image
Shutter speed, Aperture, Image number and card. Use the quick control dial to browse (the front dial is used to Jump 1,10 or 100 images at a time, or by Date, Folder or, in index view, by screen).

Single image
Same as previous but with file size/quality and image count overlaid.

Shooting information (and histogram)
Histogram (brightness or RGB) and detailed information display with exposure details, histogram and AF point display. Use the quick control dial and SELECT button to browse.

Shooting information (dual histograms)
RGB and Brightness histograms, basic shooting information.

Four image index
2 x 2 thumbnail display. Exposure and file number relates to currently selected image. Use the quick control dial or front dial to browse / jump.

Nine image index
3 x 3 thumbnail display. Exposure and file number relates to currently selected image. Use the quick control dial or front dial to browse / jump.

When browsing through images in the thumbnail views images will 'scroll on' from the bottom right or top left corner (depending on the direction). It may also have been useful if there were a way to scroll through a page of four or nine images at a time (main control dial?).

Display mode screens

Highlight alert (option)
With the 'Highlight' alert option enabled areas overexposed or nearly overexposed are shown blinking.

Histogram display: RGB (option)
You can choose from Brightness or RGB histogram display.

Recording a voice annotation
Hold the protect / sound record button for two seconds in display mode to begin recording a voice annotation (up to 30 seconds) which is 'attached' to the image (.WAV file has the same filename).

Erase mode
Press the Erase button to switch into erase mode, hold the Erase button and turn the quick control dial to select OK / Cancel / All. You can still browse images by holding SELECT and turning the quick control dial.

Image magnify mode
Hold the magnify button on the left of the LCD and press magnify (AF point select) to begin magnifying the image. Hold this combination to magnify up to 10x. Hold the magnify button and turn the quick control dial to scroll vertically, the main dial to scroll horizontally. You can browse images in this mode, the magnification level is maintained between images.
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I bought my 1D Mark III Used. I bought it soupy for the purpose of Wave Photography. I love the 10fps. So clutch. Only thing I am not crazy about is the low megapixle. 10 mp is pretty low, Ie, GoPro hero 3 silvers are 11 mp and blacks are 12. They are only 300.


Hi Aussie, i have one of those to, and if you reely want a camera with high resolution you should maby think about go for the 1ds mklll its reely one of the best, if not the best money can buy,,,and i am surpriced every time i take it out, it delivers pictures that are outstanding, even in auto mode....


This is a 1d-S III , not the sports, 1d3



Total comments: 4