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Custom Functions

As with other prosumer/professional SLR's (digital or film) the EOS-D30 features a set of Custom Functions (13 altogether) which allow slightly finer control over the internal image processing and photographic features of the camera.

0 Off
1 On
Effective for reducing noise occurring in time exposure or bulb shots longer than one second. However this requires processing time after the shot approximately equivalent to the exposure time. No exposures can be made during processing, "busy" is displayed.
0 Press shutter halfway: AE, AF <*> button for AE lock
1 <*> button: AE, AF press shutter down halfway: AE lock
2 Press shutter halfway: AE, AF <*> button for AF lock (no AE lock)
3 <*> button: AE, AF (no AE lock) Press shutter down fully to take the picture. (Press the shutter down halfway for AE lock only)
0 Disable (normal photography)
1 Enable (reduced vibration from mirror flip, first press of shutter release lifts mirror, second takes the shot)
0 1/2 stop increments
1 1/3 stop increments
0 On (Auto)
1 Off
0 Automatic
1 Shutter speed fixed at 1/200s
For using flash at night or in dark situations
0 0, -, + / Enabled
1 0, -, + / Disabled
2 -, 0, + / Enabled
3 -, 0, + / Disabled
0 1st curtain sync. Flash fires immediately after the shutter reaches full-open position
1 2nd curtain sync. Flash fires immediately before 2nd curtain closes
0 Stop AF while button is pressed
1 Operate AF while button is pressed
2 Press button to start exposure timer and lock AE
0 On
1 Off
0 Always show first menu item
1 Show the most recently set item. (Turn the main switch OFF to cancel, or ON to show the first menu item)
2 Show the most recently set item. (Retain in memory when the main switch is turned off)
0 Not assigned
1 Change quality
2 Change ISO speed
3 Select parameters
0 Off (Disable)
1 On (Enable - req. AC adapter)
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The Davinator

And it is Canon's continued lack of improvement that leaves us with where they are today....bottom in sensor tech.


What a POJ!!! 3 mp ha! Canon must think it's the year 2000. :-) ( I love reading these old reviews to see how far digital has come) It's Canon's early use of CMOS tech that allowed them to become the top seller they are today.

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Total comments: 2