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Movie Mode

The PowerShot SX260's movie mode is essentially the same as the one on the SX230 that came before it. You can record Full HD video (1920 x 1080) at 24 frames/second with stereo sound, until the file size reaches 4GB (which takes about 14.5 minutes). While the 24p frame rate is popular with film makers, the average person may find it to be a bit choppy. The SX260 can also record at 1280 x 720 and 640 x 480 -- all at 30 frames/second. You can also use the Apple-developed iFrame codec, which is supposed to be easier to edit -- not that working with H.264 is that hard.

As you'd expect from this hybrid camera, you can use the optical zoom (complete with continuous AF) and image stabilizer while you're recording a movie. There aren't any manual controls, though, unless you count the wind filter.

Movies can also be recorded using the miniature effect (at 720p) and at high frame rates. These "super slow motion movies" are recorded at 120 or 240 fps, at resolutions of 640 x 480 and 320 x 240, respectively. When played back at normal speed, the videos taken at the high frame rates appear to move in slow motion, as their name implies. Many of the other Creative Filters can be used in movie mode, if regular color just isn't good enough for you. There's no way to take a still photo while you're recording a movie.

Sample Video 1

Download original movie (1920 x 1080, 30 fps, 33.4 MB, QuickTime/H.264 format)

Footage from the SX260 HS isn't anything wildly special, but it's smooth and detailed and the camera's in-built microphone does a decent job of capturing the sound of the action without too much background 'noise pollution'.

Sample Video 2

Download original movie (1920 x 1080, 30 fps, 44.2 MB, QuickTime/H.264 format)

The abilities of the in-built microphone are on show in this clip, keeping a nice separation between the sound of the water in the fountain and the background noises. This clip was shot in the middle of the SX260 HS's zoom range and you can see too the effect of the camera's optical image stabilization system which has kept the footage nice and stable and free from camerashake.

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If you want to save yourself a few quid. Shop around on line and find yourself the near identical (except for the lens and extra grip) SX230HS, or SX220HS(no GPS). Basically the same camera but with a 14x lens for over £100 less than the SX260.
Also, can someone please let me know if the SX260 still has the same problem where the spot metering setting cannot be saved and has to be manually set every time after switching the camera back on.

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Bought this camera having previously owned a Canon A720 IS that I was very happy with. This one not so much. In my experience, there's way too much blur in even not-so-low light. Doesn't matter if I pick the settings myself or let the camera do it.
There also seems to be a problem with the color cast that's especially noticeable with shots taken outdoors in the daytime. Between the 2 problems there doesn't seem to be much this camera does right.
Now I don't claim to know everything about photography but I can take fairly good photos with my T3i and understand how to use manual mode and have a special interest in taking photos of night scenes with available lighting.
I bought this camera mostly to have something small to take hiking. As it is, I'm still toting the dslr around the trails.

I intend to try chdk to see if the added features such as bracketing and RAW support make this camera usable.

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Does anyone know how to take b/w pics?


I was very impressed with this camera especially with the 20x zoom.
However after just 18 months the shutter has become loose... First time ever I have had a problem like this with a digital camera.
I treat the camera reasonable well. Now I have to take it to the camera repair shop to see if they can help me with it.
I'm waiting for Nikion to match this camera.

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Total comments: 4