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Camera Menus

The GH2's menu system has 24 pages. These are divided into six categories: Record, Motion Picture, Custom Menu, Setup, the customizable My Menu and Playback. Generally you'll find all the options where you'd expect them, but the 'custom' menu is formidable. At seven pages it is unusually long, and some functions are ambiguously labeled.

Note that you get a much smaller subset of menus in full Auto mode.

Record menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Film Mode  • Standard
 • Dynamic
 • Smooth
 • Nature
 • Nostalgic
 • Vibrant
 • BW (standard)
 • BW (Dynamic)
 • BW (Smooth)
 • My Film (1,2)
 • Multi Film
 • Cinema
Film simulation modes. 'Multi Film' allows you to apply up to three different film modes to a single exposure, in-camera.
Aspect Ratio  • 4:3
 • 3:2
 • 16:9
 • 1:1
- 4608 x 3456/3264 x 2448/2336 x 1752
- 4752 x 3168/3360 x 2240/2400 x 1600
- 4976 x 2800/3520 x 1984/1920 x 1080
- 3456 x 3456/2448 x 2448/1744 x 1744
Picture Size  • Large
 • Medium
 • Small
Quality  • Fine
 • Standard
 • RAW + Fine
 • RAW + Standard
 • RAW
RAW mode stores only the maximum number of pixels of your chosen aspect ratio, not necessarily the entire sensor.
Face Recognition  • Off
 • On
 • Memory
 • Set
Metering Mode  • Multiple
 • Center weighted
 • Spot
Stabilizer  • Mode 1
 • Mode 2
 • Mode 3
Mode 1 is always active. Mode 2 only when the shutter is pressed. Mode 3 is used when horizontally panning.
Flash  • Auto
 • Auto with Red-eye correction
 • On
 • On with Red-eye correction
 • Slow sync
 • Slow sync with Red-eye correction
D.Red-eye  • On
 • Off
Camera tries to digitally remove red eyes from images.
Flash Sync  • 1st
 • 2nd
Flash fires at start or end of exposure
Flash Adjust +/- 2 EV in 0.3 EV steps  
i.Resolution  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
 • Extended
i.Resolution aims to enhance the appearance of detail resolution by selectively employing edge sharpening. The effect is subtle in everyday use.
i.Dynamic  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
i.Dynamic is designed to boost the brightness of shadow areas in shots with a wide tonal range, to increase useable dynamic range.
ISO limit set  • On
 • 200
 • 400
 • 800
 • 1600
 • 3200
Sets the maximum limit to which Auto or i.ISO settings will set the sensitivity.
Long Shutter noise reduction  • Off
 • On
Takes a second, dark-frame to allow subtraction of long exposure noise
Burst Rate  • SH
 • H
 • M
 • L
Selects continuous shooting speed
Auto Bracket  • Steps
3, 5 or 7 frames
1/3 or 2/3 EV steps
 • Sequence:
Aspect Bracket  • Off
 • On
Self-Timer  • 10 sec
 • 10 sec (3 images)
 • 2 sec
Color Space  • sRGB
 • AdobeRGB

Motion picture menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Film Mode  • Standard
 • Dynamic
 • Smooth
 • Nature
 • Nostalgic
 • Vibrant
 • BW (standard)
 • BW (Dynamic)
 • BW (Smooth)
 • My Film (1,2)
 • Multi Film
 • Cinema
Rec Mode  • AVCHD (1080i)
 • AVCHD (720p)
 • Motion JPEG
Rec Quality  • Rec Mode: AVCHD
 • Rec Mode: Motion JPEG
Exposure Mode  • P
 • A
 • S
 • M
This option is only active in creative motion picture mode
Picture Mode  • Motion picture priority
 • Still picture priority
In motion picture priority mode, images captured during movie recording are recorded at 2MP resolution. In still picture priority, it is possible to capture full-resolution images during movie recording, but footage is momentarily paused.
Continuous AF  • On
 • Off
Metering Mode  • Multiple
 • Center weighted
 • Spot
i.Dynamic   • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
Exposure and contrast are adjusted to compensate for scenes requiring a wide dynamic range
Wind Cut  • Off
 • Low
 • Standard
 • High
Reduces wind noise in motion picture recording
Mic Level Disp  • Off
 • On
Mic Level Adj 4 Levels Allows the sensitivity of the GH2's microphone to be adjusted.
External Tele Converter  • Off
 • On
Digital Zoom  • Off
 • 2x
 • 4x
Rec Highlight  • Off
 • On
Shows highlight warning during video shooting

Custom menu

Option Values / Actions Notes
Cust. Set Mem.  • C1: Set 1
 • C2: Set 2
 • C3: Set 3
Assigns current settings to one of three custom memories
Fn Button Set  • Fn1/Fn2/Fn3 set
Intelligent Auto
Film Mode
Focus Area Set
Aspect Ratio
1 Shot RAW
Metering Mode
1 Shot Spot Metering
Flash Adjust
ISO Limit Set
External Teleconverter
Burst Rate
Auto Bracket
Guide Line
Shutter AF
Pre AF
Still/Video Rec Area
Allows the GH2's three function buttons to be customized to access/fulfil any of the listed functions
Histogram  • On
 • Off
Provides a histogram on the shooting screen
Guide lines  • Off
 • Thirds
 • Center
 • Movable
Highlight  • On
 • Off
Shows flashing highlight warning
AF/AE Lock  • AE
 • AF
 • AF/AE
AF/AE Lock Hold  • Off
 • On
Is the action of the AF/AE Lock button retained?
Pre AF  • Off
 • Q-AF
 • C-AF

With Pre AF activated, the GH2 will attempt to achieve focus whenever possible when turned, regardless of whether focus has been initiated with a half-press of the shutter button.
Direct Focus Area  • Off
 • On
On allows the AF point to be moved when in single-point AF mode
Focus Priority  • Off
 • On
Does the camera wait for focus before allowing shutter release
Shutter AF  • Off
 • On
AF Assist Lamp  • Off
 • On
AF + MF  • Off
 • On
Allows manual fine-tuning of focus once AF lock has been achieved
MF Assist  • Off
 • On
Zooms in the view to allow high-precision manual focus
MF Guide  • Off
 • On
Preview Hold  • Off
 • On
Sets whether depth of field preview is shown only when the preview button is held down, or whether it is held until preview button is pressed for a second time.
Constant Preview  • Off
 • On
While in Manual Exposure Mode, when constant preview is turned on, you will be able to see the effects of aperture and shutter speed changes on the screen.
Expo. Meter  • Off
 • On
Expo. Settings  • Switch by pressing front dial
 • Switch by holding EVF/LCD button
Dictates how to toggle between the command dial's functions
LVF Disp. Style  • Shooting data at base of screen image
 • Shooting data overlaid
LCD Disp. Style  • Shooting data at base of screen image
 • Shooting data overlaid
LCD Info. Disp  • Off
 • 1
 • 2
 • 3
Selects the status view color scheme.
LVF/LCD Switch Auto Switch

Movie button  • Off
 • On
Enables/disables the movie button
Still/Movie Rec Area  • Still
 • Movie
Remaining Disp.  • Number of shots (still)
 • Time remaining (movie)
Touch Q. Menu  • Off
 • On
Activates/deactivates touchscreen quick menu
Touch Shutter  • Off
 • On
Activates/deactivates touchscreen shutter release.
Touch Guide  • Off
 • On
Activates/deactivates touchscreen guide.
Touch Scroll  • H
 • L
Toggles high/low (fast/slow) touchscreen scrolling in image review mode.
Dial Guide  • Off
 • On
Activates/deactivates dial guide - a simple onscreen indicator of the function of the GH2's control dial in selected shooting mode.
Menu Resume  • Off
 • On
Pixel Refresh  Start Processing?
Detects and deactivates dead pixels.
Sensor Cleaning  Start Processing?
Shoot W/O Lens  • Off
 • On
Allows the shutter release to be triggered irrespective of whether or not a lens is detected on the camera. This allows shooting with third-party optics via manual adapters.
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Looking to maybe buy the GH2 for some outdoor/travel and adventure filmmaking. Simple stuff I guess because I'm not that knowledgeable about any of this yet. But I have to start somewhere and I want a camera that is capable of growing with me as I learn.
My main question is, I can get a "Body only" for around $400 used. Or I can get it with the kit lens 14-42 mm for around $560. Is that the best use of that $160, or could I get a better all around lens, for cheaper? Or a combination of a lens and something else..Appreciate the suggestions and expertise! Thanks for all the reviews.