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Studio scene comparison (JPEG)

This is our standard studio scene comparison shot taken from exactly the same tripod position. Lighting: daylight simulation, >98% CRI. Crops are 100%. Ambient temperature was approximately 22°C (~72°F).

Olympus E-420 (NF Off) vs. Olympus E-410 (NF Off)

Camera settings:

  • Olympus E-420: Olympus 50 mm F2.0 lens, Aperture Priority, ISO 100
    JPEG Large/SHQ, Manual WB, Noise Filter Off, Anti-shock 2 sec

  • Olympus E-410: Olympus 50 mm F2.0 lens, Aperture Priority, ISO 100
    JPEG Large/SHQ, Manual WB, Noise Filter Off, Sharpness -2, Anti-shock 2 sec
Olympus E-420
Olympus E-410
6,199 KB JPEG (3648 x 2736)
6,810 KB JPEG (3648 x 2736)

The crops show that using our optimized settings the E-410 produces visibly sharper and crisper images than its successor, though this is partly down to the higher sharpening applied to the E-410's image (if you sharpen the E-420 ouput the difference is a lot less obvious). Although the differences won't make a difference at normal viewing magnifications they will limit the E-420's ability to produce large prints of very finely detailed scenes. On a more positive note the E-420 has a more attractive highlight roll-off with less harsh clipping of specular highlights.

The differences seen here hint that there is a physical difference between the E-410 and E-420 sensor units. With the E-420 Olympus would appear to have chosen to go down the same route as with its flagship DSLR, the E3, and has installed a slightly stronger AA filter in front of the sensor. This results in clean images, but images that are a bit soft viewed up close.

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I have had this DSLR for almost a year, as it is my first one. It came with two lenses, and one of the lenses recently has been having problems focusing. I had bought it refurbished, so that could have been the problem. Other than that, I have loved it. It takes great pictures, and is nice and compact. I don't know how it works in its automatic settings, as I only use any camera in full manual mode. But for a first DSLR, I have loved it, and I would use an olympus any day.


I bought this oldie digital as a first experience vith digital cameras, even still use film mainly. So may it was a wrong decision, but I stay beside classic film photography. This camera slow, cheap and only manual mode able to firing promptly. I missed such a moments just because it wait so much before release the shutter. The lens as it is, so far from my zeiss with contax 35mm. Obviously nonsense to compare 66 rolleiflex images. There are lots of set up features, but practically takes long time to modify them, which disturb so much the picture taking. The CF card door a slim plastic door, very fragile. The viewfinder very small. All around this model are far away any real reflex cameras, it seems who design it just never take pictures with a proper camera. I can not recommend this camera, better to smash them all in the name of photography.

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Total comments: 2