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Menus (cont.)

Setup menu

There are very few changes here compared to the D3100 - just a couple of additional languages, and the ability to configure the camera's HDMI output.

A green superscript one (¹) indicates the default setting. Asterisk (*) indicates new or changed from the D3100.

Option Values / Actions Notes
Reset Setup Options  • Yes
 • No
Returns all setup options to default settings
Format memory card  • Yes
 • No
LCD brightness*  • LCD brightness
-3 to +3
'Auto Dim' no longer available
Info display format  • Classic
 • Graphic
Auto Info Display  • On
 • Off
Clean image sensor  • Clean now
 • Clean startup/shutdown
Startup & Shutdown ¹
Mirror lock-up  • Start Locks mirror up for the sole purpose of manually cleaning the sensor
Video Mode  • NTSC
 • PAL ¹
HDMI*  • Output Resolution
Auto ¹
480p (progressive)
576p (progressive)
720p (progressive)
1080i (interlaced)
• Device Control
Off ¹
Flicker reduction  • 50 Hz
 • 60 Hz
Time zone and date  • Time zone
 • Date and time
Date set
Time set
 • Date format
 • Daylight saving time
Language  • Czech*
 • Danish
 • German
 • English
 • Spanish
 • French
 • Indonesian*
 • Italian
 • Dutch
 • Norwegian
 • Polish
 • Portuguese
 • Russian
 • Finnish
 • Swedish
 • Turkish*
 • Chinese Traditional
 • Chinese Simplified
 • Japanese
 • Korean
Image comment  • Done
 • Input comment
Text entry
 • Attach comment
When enabled the comment is written into the header of each image.
Auto image rotation  • On ¹
 • Off
Dust Off ref photo  • Start
 • Clean sensor and start
Used to capture a 'dust reference image' for the 'Dust Off' feature of Nikon Capture NX/2. (RAW only).
Auto Off Timers  • Short
 • Normal
 • Long
 • Custom
Image review
Live View*
Auto meter off
Sets the amount of time before a function or menu screen is deactivated after a period of inactivity, up to a maximum of 5 minutes (Live View), 10 minutes (Playback/Menus, Image Review) or 30 minutes (Auto meter-off)
Self-timer delay  • 2s
 • 10s ¹
The 5 and 20s options of the D3000 have been removed.
Beep  • On ¹
 • Off
Rangefinder  • On
 • Off ¹
File number sequence  • On
 • Off ¹
 • Reset
Buttons  • Self timer/Fn button
Image quality/size
ISO sensitivity ¹
White balance
Active D-Lighting
 • AE-L/AF-L
AE/AF lock¹
AE lock only
AF lock only
AE lock (hold)
 • AE lock
Off ¹
Slot empty release lock  • Release locked
 • Enable release
Date imprint  • Off
 • Date
 • Date and time
 • Date counter
Imprints date information at the bottom right corner of captured images
Storage Folder  • Select folder
 • New
 • Rename
 • Delete
Selects the preferred folder for recording images or creates a new folder on the memory card
GPS  • Auto meter-off
On ¹
 • Position
Firmware Version  • Version No.
A x.00
B x.00
L x.00
Information display only.

Retouch menu

The D3100 adds a few useful new features to what's already probably the most comprehensive in-camera processing suite available. You can now correct barrel or pincushion distortion (again for D- and G-type Nikon lenses only), rotate images which aren't quite straight, and apply perspective correction (most obviously to fix converging verticals when pointing a wide angle lens up or down).

Option Values / Actions Notes
D-Lighting  • Select image
Red-eye correction  • Select image Corrects redeye automatically in portraits. Ignores images that do not contain faces
Trim  • Select image
Zoom / Scroll
Aspect ratio
Monochrome  • Black-and-white  
Select image
 • Sepia
Select image
 • Cyanotype
Select image
'Lighter/Darker' changes saturation of toning in Sepia and Cyanotype modes
Filter effects  • Skylight 
Select image
 • Warm filter
Select image
 • Red intensifier
Select image
 • Green intensifier
Select image
 • Blue intensifier
Select image
 • Cross screen
Number of points
Filter amount
Filter angle
Length of points
 • Soft
Color balance  • Select image
Adjust color
Small picture  • Select image
 • Choose size
Image overlay  • Image 1
 • Image 2
 • Preview
NEF (RAW) processing  • Select image
 • Choose parameters
Image quality
Image size
White Balance
Exposure comp.
Set Picture Control
Quick retouch  • Select image
 • Select level
Automatically adjusts contrast and saturation
Straighten* • Select image
+/- 5° rotation in 0.25° increments
Distortion Control*  • Auto
 • Manual
Color outline  • Select image
Perspective Control*  • Select image
Adjust horizontal and vertical perspective (+/-20 scale)
Miniature effect  • Select image
Edit movie  • Choose start point
 • Choose end point
 • Save selected frame

Recent settings/My menu

To help speed up the use of such long menus, the D3100 allows fast access to commonly-used menu options by grouping the twenty most recently used settings in the 'Recent Settings' menu. Because this menu is fluid, it is less versatile than a customizable 'My Menu'-type tab, of the sort found in Nikon's higher level DSLRs; the advantage is that it requires no user intervention.

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sarath cp

nikon d3100 is an intermediate dslr? right? i saw a post about guides for buying a dslr on
actually they says that there is too much to investigate before buying one... is that true always..? the link is


Looking at the comparison, it appears to my novice mind that the d3100 has in most areas slightly better specs than the d5000. Since I am looking at both of these cameras, would appreciate comments. The 3100 is on sale at the local camera shop; the 5000 is available on Craiglist at a considerably lower price, but is of course used.

Also; packed away I have two nikon entry level cameras from the early 1980's with quite a few E series lenses. The E series lens was standard on the two cameras. Will these work on the 3100 and 5000, and if so, are there problems in compatibility such as auto-focus, etc.


D3100 is a great camera. i bought another one recently new from Target..dont need anything newer or more $$$ this thing is just perfect.I think it only auto focuses with Nikon'll have to read up on 3rd party lenses for af.

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Total comments: 3