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Rear of camera controls

The layout of the EOS 5D Mark II's rear controls is similar to its predecessor's, with the delete button moved across to join the line of buttons down the left flank of the camera's rear. The JUMP button has gone, INFO has shunted down and a new picture style button has taken its former position (MENU remains top of the bunch). The 'Direct Print' button (which is still not programmable), with a little live view icon to denote its new-found usefulness, retains its position alongside the viewfinder. The new AF-ON button appears at the top of the thumb-grip on the right of the camera.

Shooting mode

Enter / Leave the Menu

The camera menu is described on the following pages of this review. [clip]
Picture Style

Displays the Picture Style selection / adjustment screen. [clip]

Displays current camera settings / information (two styles are available). [clip]

By default a press of the multi-selector takes you straight into the Quick control screen. However, you can customize it to provide direct selection of AF point via C.Fn III-3 instead.
Quick Control Dial

With the power switch in the third position (one step past ON) the Quick Control Dial can be used to change exposure compensation (steps depend on C.Fn I-1).
SET button

This button by default has no function in shooting mode, however it can be configured to one of six different functions via C.Fn IV-3.

Play mode

Enter / Leave the Menu

The camera menu is described on the following pages of this review. [clip]


Press to change the type and level of information shown along with the image:

 • Large image + status line + image size & quality + image number
 • Large image + status line (shutter speed, aperture, comp, filename, card)
 • Small image + status line + detailed shooting info + lum (or RGB histogram) [clip]
 • Small image + status line + lum histogram + RGB histogram + detailed shooting info


Displays the last image taken (or the last image on the card). The EOS 5D Mark II is a shooting priority camera, which means that no matter what is displayed on the rear LCD this will be canceled if any of the camera's photographic functions (example half-pressing the shutter release or AF-ON) are accessed.

Press to erase the current image, displays an OK / Cancel dialog.
Quick Control Dial

Turn the Quick Control Dial to browse through images (the main dial can be used to jump images).

Lens mount controls

On the side of the lens mount are the final set of camera controls. The larger button is the lens release and below this is the depth of field preview button which stops the lens down to the indicated / selected aperture to give a preview of DOF in the viewfinder or live view.

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It has shown its great value over money.


I work in Nyc as a fashion photographer and I have to say the the 5d series are the most used cameras out side of medium format cameras .Ive been shooting with the mark 3 for over a year after shooting with the mark 2 for 2 years great both great cameras. You can see the shots I've taken with it for my work on my website www.brianschutzaphotography.com hope it helps!! also note I only shoot RAW format.

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Was it really 2009? I'm still in the first flush of my love affair with this camera. And I'm still fathoming the depths of its capability. Okay, she's got a lot of paint missing these days, but the images are still magic. Whenever I use another camera, I sigh and wonder why I didn't use the 5D2.
A brief history of photography:

silver chemistry

flexible roll film



5D Mark 2...


As I know when the original 5D debuted three years ago, it wasn't clear why most enthusiasts would want such a camera. Though it captured excellent, high resolution images, it was slower and bigger and more expensive. Today the market has changed significantly, and it's clear that the market is ready for full-frame digital SLRs that can turn out high image quality. High quality is one thing, but being a camera that can deliver high quality over a wide range of lighting conditions and different ISO settings is what makes the Canon 5D Mark II such a compelling choice, and a clear Dave's Picks.
It's really very very good.

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Total comments: 4