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Tokina AT-X 16-28mm f/2.8 Pro FX

Announced Jul 5, 2010 •
Wideangle zoom lens | Canon EF, Nikon F (FX) | ATXAF168FX

I really like this lens for landscape shots during the day.  The lens is sharp with nice contrast even at 16mm f2.8.   Where this lens falls down in the excessive coma in astrophotography shots.  At 16mm, on a FF sensor, the stars look like smears at 10 seconds.   Also, I wish the manual focus adjustment range was longer.   The AF/MF clutch isn't an issue for me, as the lens tends to stay in MF most of the time. I do like this lens on the Sony A6000 (with adapter) though. I have many ...

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Okay, who am I kidding, what do I know about "optics."  Almost nothing. I do know though that the photos I have created with this lens are the ones I am by far the mostly likely to bother printing, and when I print, I print them large-ish (13x19) because they stand up to close scrutiny.  Sharpness, color accuracy, focus are all spot on. It's the heaviest lens I own, but for what it does, the weight is probably unavoidable. I don't use this lens all that often because it is really only useful ...

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I returned the lens within a week. I found it unusable for outdoor photography because of way too much lens flare. The front lens catches way too much sun where other wide angle lenses in the same situation have no problem. The image quality indoors and outdoors with no direct sunlight on the lens is good. Is some situations quite a lot of chromatic aberration, but in many photos CA is very acceptable. I am now waiting for the announced Canon 16-35 f/4 IS....

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4.5 only because of the inabillity to have a filter. Other than that, if I didn't have to worry about the front element getting damaged and dusty, it's a fantastic lens. One of the best I've owned. It's super sharp and clear with no distortion. I used it with a SB600 and a Nikon D7000 and it's perfect for event photography as well as landscape.

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This is one of the best Ultra Wide Angle lenses available for full frame cameras. I use this lens almost daily on architectural shoots where sharpness, contrast and color are critical. This lens out performs the Canon 16-35 L in sharpness, contrast and color on my 5D MkII at half the price. As the previous poster commented the AF is quick and accurate but noisy compared with Canon UltraSonic autofocus systems. What I like about the lens is the almost complete lack of distortion at really ...

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The Tokina is the best EF mount UWA zoom, with a couple of caveats: Sample variation would appear to be a little more common than with Canon lenses Its big, heavy and won't mount filters natively Other than that, its head and shoulders better than the 17-40L (and a stop faster) and also better than the 16-35 II (albeit with a lightly shorter range but MUCH lower price). I bought two copies and they were both fine so sold the other. I shoot on a 5D Mark 2, shoot landscapes ...

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