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Sony SLT-A57

Announced Mar 13, 2012 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor

So liking the a57. I read reviews at length, for weeks, before settling on this model and I am so glad both to have made an informed choice and to have that choice proven in reality now that I've had the camera in hand and used it. The a57 is more complicated than a DSLR, with dependent inter-relationships across both common and novel functions and priorities. The a57 is not point & shoot; it's more like a lump of clay, that sees you as a lump of clay as well. If you know what you want ...

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This camera is amazing. In my appinion that it's great camera to step up to. And I does aloow you to shoot 8fps in Live view mode. I'm not sure where dpreview got this idea from. I'm still figuring it out. But you get more than what you pay for with this camera. Although I'm still learning the camera. I took it to California Speedway and was still shooting like I did with my A200(by the way was stolen at the LBGP this past April). I did happen to catch one of cars doing over 200mph. I will ...

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This is my first DSLR and I actually took a long time deciding which camera to go for. My budget was around $1000 and the list of cameras shortlisted was exhaustive (in my opinion at least). From Nikon's D5100 and Canon's Rebel series (incl the 650D) upto Nikon's D7000, I looked at all. At first, I was quite intent on going for the Nikon D90. Being almost like a benchmark for beginners, I almost went ahead and purchased it until an acquaintance suggested I look at the Alpha series from Sony ...

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My Opinion is Good To buy This Sony alpha 57 has a excellent feature of Clear zoom which dobules the lens whic 55mm can be used as 110 mm In low light conditions it performance is good and excellent image quality with iso upto 3200 For sports performance it performs good and good response and in video mode it has fast auto focusing it gives the 100% video quality even in low light conditions Problems: some cam has 16000iso max and some has 25000max Some records 50i and 60i Some features ...

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I've had this camera for over a month and have shot maybe 1500 frames under a lot of different conditions including products in the studio. I really like it. Fast focus and tracking, fast start up, fast next shot and multi frame shooting. Only took about a day of study to figure it out and now I'm comfortable with it. Got a 18-250 lens & 18-55. Standard lens is pretty good. This camera really impresses me all the way up to 3200 ISO. Use the compare tool and check the test shot against the ...

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Bought my SLT a57 yesterday, and I can't let it go for 1 second. I'm so satisfied with the camera.The size, functions, quality and alot of more features. I have tried some normal landscape pictures with and without HDR in picture effects (low,mid,high). Amazing is the right word for this camera. The only think I'm missing comparing to my old camera is a topp LCD next to the release button. But I think I will get used to it pretty quick. I was going with Nikon before this camera. dont regret a ...

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After a long research and review process I found one a the local blue and gold big box store, after waiting on preorder for weeks for the big onlne provider. Could hardley wait had a brand new memory card burning a hole in my backpack. This is my first DSLR, and many well intentioned friends are cursing me for not going Canon or Nikon. But you kniw what I had plenty of Nikon and Canon point and shoots starting with the original PowerShot 600 16 years ago. I selected the A57 based on some ...

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