Sony Alpha DSLR-A700

Announced Sep 6, 2007 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor
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Alright. I have the NEX-3 and while I do enjoy the camera very much I just can't live without a viewfinder. Not to mention the AF is atrocious compared to phase detect AF. So anyway, I'm planning on getting an a6000. However, I'm not happy with lens options. I have an a700 as well and the KM 28-75 f/2.8 lives on it. I want a 2.8 zoom for E-mount as well, but it just doesn't seem to exist. So. I did get the 16 f/2.8 with my NEX-3. Keeping that. I'd like to supplement it with something in the...
I remember the A700 US version has a sensor that detects the presence of a human hand, which was removed from the european version. 1) Does the US vertical grip have the same sensor too? 2) Can I combine a US camera body and an european grip? 3) Can I combine an european camera body and an US grip?
By: Mitch108 (3 weeks ago)
I am thinking of buying an A580 to replace my wife's A200. I like the A580 because it has both an optical viewfinder and live-view as well as HDR, panoramic mode, video and the tilting back screen. I think this will be the last optical viewfinder A-mount Sony will ever make so that is another reason I want to get one now. I would like to hear your opinion of the A580 and how it compares to the A200. Thanks. PS I shoot with a couple of A700s (best shooting layout of controls and menus) an A900...
By: BJT365 (4 weeks ago)
My husband has offered to buy me a new lens to add to my collection and I am trying to decide between a Tamron 200-500mm f/5-6.3 SP AF Di LD (IF) Lens and a Sigma 73A205 150-500mm F/5-6.3 APO HSM DG lens. I use a A77, A580, and an A700. There's nothing in particular I plan to use it for. I would love to hear your thoughts on these lenses. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on these lenses.
By: kurt1968 (1 month ago)
Hi  , i want to upgrade from my Canon S95 which is slow and can't get thin DOF. I love to go fishing , lots of opportunities to make a nice shot . I was thinking of buying a body with a fast prime , to learn to play with the DOF. As i don't want to worry about some rain , i was looking at the a700 . I like it because it has 2 control wheels . a700 + 35mm f1.8  or a minolta 50mm f 1.7 ? By the way , i held an a58 the other day ; these SLT's are really fast !! Would the speed of the a700 turn...
The more I use the A99 the more I discover how much I need to learn (but it's lots of fun). Well, I getting ready for a week long adventure to photograph BIF in Florida and I am trying to figure out if my A99 w/70-400mm G has more capability than I am using (answer is obviously, yes). One thing I am trying to make sure I have correct in my head is how AF-D works with other settings: 1) AF-D with Continuous Shooting “Hi” 2) AF-D with Auto Focus Area "Spot" Quote from Gary Friedman's Book: TIP:...
By: denisg (3 months ago)
Hi Canon users. At the moment I am seriously thinking about "jumping ship" and considering Canon. The two cameras I am considering are the 7D or the 1D MK3 and I have fancied both for some time. Both are currently available at the same or similar price although the 7D would be brand new. There are a couple of 1D's available which are listed as Blue Spot? and have between 54k and 88k shutter actuations. The areas that concern me are comments on 7D noise. Various comments on the net are varied...
I want to make the jump from Sony A700 to full frame (Canon or Nikon). Modern cameras fix minor chromatic aberation, vignetting and distortion problemsif using their own lenses but not so much if using lenses from the independents.Is this feature really a big deal? I see some apparently good deals on certain lensesfrom Tamron and Sigma but I don't want to miss out on this in-camera feature if it's really that important. Thanks... --KenM
By: GEGJr (5 months ago)
Is anyone else experiencing an issue with SLTA99V using the Memory Stick Pro Duo Mark2 with MagicGate whereby you are getting the following message: "This memory card may not be capable of recording and playing normally. Slot 1". I am getting 2 different stories. Sony told me these cards with magicgate are not compatible with the SLTA99V because magicgate is a proprietary security algorithm. Another person, Gary Friedman, of says he uses the cards with no...
Finally getting around to installing Ver 1.02 and getting nowhere. I have tried several things: Rebooting PC and Camera 4 different USB cables, including the A99 and A77 cables The firmware updater will not connect. I applied 1.01 with no problems also the GPS files just today. I recall  there was a way to put the update directly on a card as well and update from that --SargeA99| A77| A700 | QX10Bower 8mm & 14mmSony 28-75|70-300G|70-400 GMinolta 35-70|50mm|200 G|1.4 & 2X TCSigma...
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