PIX 2015

Sony Alpha DSLR-A550

Announced Aug 27, 2009 •
14 megapixels | 3 screen | APS-C sensor

Great camera, like the speed, and the images that I get out of cam. Great feeling of depth in the pictures, nice colors, superb metering by the camera (never over- oder underexposes). Problems: Build could be better - already have some crack in the bottom plastic cover, but, ok, it fell down, so no surprise. Could also have some more features (some were taken away), but nothing too serious. Does not hinder from taking very good pictures with that cam.

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I had an A300 and loved it. Its only problem was low light performance, which was rather poor. I upgraded mostly for the improved low-light performance, and this camera does not disappoint. It's at least 2.5 stops better than the A300. Along the way, I also got a heck of a lot of speed, higher resolution, a much better LCD, hand-held in-camera HDR capabilities, and a much better viewfinder! This is a great camera! Many complain that the camera lacks certain features, such as MLU and DOF ...

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Excellent camera, extremely fast and accurate focus, very good metering, great ergonomics, comfortable grip, excellent LCD, nice viewfinder (much improved from A300), excellent menu and control layout (in advanced mode, rather than the beginner-style mode), battery lasts forever, extremely good at high ISO, with usability to ISO6400 with no processing with the right exposure, HDR feature a wonderful trick and something likely to be seen on many cameras in the future. Problems: None.

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This is a fun to use camera, and the image quality is very good. This camera has taken me by storm! I tested this camera one evening for three hours in -24°C, left it in the cold until the next evening, and used it for three hours in -18° C - without problems (used a mains adaptor though to feed the camera with battery juice). Problems: No problems!

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I have this camera for 3 months and love it.When I was shoping for a new camera, I was considering Canon T1i, and Nikon D90. I read many comparisions and reviews. I'm still happy with the choice I made. Video ? I don't mind it doesn't have video.You might.So get a camcorder, wich also takes pictures. I use it for general photography. Family portaits, landscapes. I don't have to crawl on the floor anymore for taking pictures of my baby.I Just slide the LCD screen up, and voila ! Fast focus, ...

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I bought this camera as replacement for my SONY a200 and now, since one month of usage can say that I’m pretty happy with my decision. First thing to mention is it’s high ISO operation which is simply fantastic compared to a200. OVF is much brighter and much more convenient to use. LCD screen provides clear and accurate images. LiveView is a nice feature to use and sometimes very helpful. Image quality is superb, especially when avoiding fully automatic mode and using custom settings or ...

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OVF is very good, slightly small but bright. Response of camera is generally fast, with some lag ocassionally when using the menu system - buttons not very good. Body is well-built, and the articulated LCD screen does not feel flimsy, so it inspires confidence in use. Colours are generally accurate, AWB still tends toward warm when used under artifical light but not as bad as previous models. The SSS function is much better now, and settles an image down faster than previous models - really ...

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One of my key criteria when I went looking for an affordable dslr was a good working live view. Not only do i wear glasses, but my good eye (the one I use for critical looking) is the left one. Now that is hardly practical in combination with a OVF. Using the screen for focusing you want it to be very sharp. This all made the choice very simple: If you want very good LV combined with fast AF, the Sony A550 is the first choice. Frankly I dont like its looks. But it does not try to hide that ...

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After one month of operation, I have only good things to say about the A550: picture quality is excellent (specially when watched on HD TV screens!), menue operation is very efficient and user friendly. High resolution LCD screen is exceptional. Auto focus is fast. Body is plastic but very solid, much better than the A350 - no more "squeaks" - with a solid grip to hang on to. New features on top of the A350 /380 are essential to me, and all work well. High ISO performance is exceptional. Exc ...

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