Sony FE 28-70mm F3.5-5.6 OSS

Announced Oct 16, 2013 •
Zoom lens | Sony E (NEX), Sony FE | SEL2870
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Dear DPReview Community, once again I request your aid. You've helped me pick a camera and lenses before, but indeciveness has reared its ugly head again. Over the past week, I've pored over articles, sample shots, videos, etc and I really can't make my mind. I've noticed that I tend to take more portrait shots (with a SEL 35, which I love) than other types, but I also want to continue my quest of travelling once a year to a far-off country. I've got a budget of about $800 for lenses. So it...
Hello, I have a Sony A7 with Sony FE 28-70mm kit lens. On the Sony A7, if i select "Shading Compensation" in the camera menu, the camera corrects vignetting in the saved raw file. I have experimented by taking two raw photos, with in camera Shading Compensation turned on and off. I then imported the photos into Lightroom. I then tried turning lens compensation (vignetting) on and off in Lightroom. This confuses me. In the first image (In camera ON and Lightroom correction ON) it looks like...
Hi guys, so I've been shooting with the Sony A7 + Kit lens for three days now and am very VERY happy with it. I've moved on from my Nikon D90. The Sony A7 Kit lens is sharp, across the frame, I'm astounded, must be a good sample. However, my cat was modeling for me in the backyard today (just kidding, just wanted to shoot a few RAW images to see how it comes out) and noticed that most things look good and sharp, but for example in his white whiskers, it's quite clear that the edge is...
Hello everyone, I am looking for a smaller and lighter alternative to my D800E + 24-70mm walk around lens, and am looking at two different Sony cameras: Sony A6000 + Zeiss 16-70mm f4 OSS - (285g + 308g) Sony A7 + Sony 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 - (474g + 295g) I understand that one is a crop sensor with a better lens, and the other one is a full frame with kit lens, but I was wondering which would be a nice combination for day walk, maybe short hike or just a camera to carry with? I haven't had any...
I apologize if this question has already been asked. I was wondering if the FE 28-70MM F3.5-5.6 was a good all-around lens if you will not be able to invest in anymore lenses for a while. I know Zeiss would probably be the preferred choice if you have the extra cash at the initial purchase, but if that's not possible would you go ahead and purchase this setup anyway, if you had no specific photography in mind until upgrading? Or do you think it may be better to go with a less expensive Sony...
I'm in the market for a premium lens for my NEX-6, and so am interested in whether I should be buying FE lenses instead now, so that if I ever decide to upgrade to full frame Sony mirrorless in the future (which I think I probably would like to do), I wouldn't have to buy (as many) new lenses again.
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