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Sony Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* E 24mm F1.8 ZA

Announced Aug 24, 2011 •
Wideangle prime lens | Sony E (NEX) | SEL24F18Z

This is my first prime lens from ZA, I have not used it a lot cuz I am working full day. Last summer, I used it several times. to my suprise, it deliveried fantastic pics, especially in some dark enviroment, such as very shaddy tress & wall, or even under the bridge... Fully shows every details from single pic. I hope eveyone knows that result if you are very insterested.

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I purchased the lens used and got a very nice price on it.  It takes beautiful photos for pretty much everything.  The near focus of it is very close. Bokeh is beautiful.  I use it for mainly model photos and videos.  I use this with a Nex-6, focus is fast and silent.  I've not noticed CA but it is corrected in LR if there is any.  I try to think of what I've shot over the years that compares and perhaps the Sigma 50mm f/1.4 with Canon 5d is closest, though that lens had significantly more ...

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As another reviewer stated, I too have not taken this lens off my NEX-5N since I acquired it a month ago. It retains decent sharpness at f1.8 but of course is best when stopped down. The bokeh is nice and the colors that it provides are fantastic. The build quality is solid - the focus ring is very smooth and it has a nice weight. It is physically long for a 24mm but that is due to the lens design. It can do it all - landscape, everyday street photography, portraits and even some decent ...

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Raw Muscle

This lens has not come off my NEX since it went on (apart from when I took some WA HDR shots down by the sea) I love the lens so much I am now debating whether to sell my LA-EA2 + Sigma 17-70 + Sigma 10-20 and just run with Zeiss lens and maybe buy the SEL50F18 if I need slightly longer focal length when it's out. If I there was a law stating I could only own one lens for my NEX, then this would most certainly be the one, I absolutely LOVE the lens. Problems: If only it had OSS, but then it ...

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After six months, it has become clear to me that the Nex 7 + 24mm combo provides superb imaging performance at the cost of a footprint that negates the unique selling point of a small size mirrorless system. The lens is very well made and nicely finished. Focus ring is smooth, and AF is fast and silent. It can be used wide open without hesitation, and, in the right setup, f1.8 provides a "sufficient" level of subject/background separation, with nice bokeh. Of course, not as clear cut as using ...

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I got this for the NEX C3 and have been thoroughly impressed. I have found it very sharp, even at 1.8 and the bokeh and color rendering are quite good, much better than the kit which seems muted for some reason. It is built very well which you would expect for the price. Good balance and weight, smooootthhh focus ring. Would absolutely buy again. Problems: Image stabilization would be nice but would add weight and cost most likely. CA can be a little harsh if overexposed by much. Not a cheap ...

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