PIX 2015

Sony Mavica FD-71

Announced Aug 4, 1998 •
0 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 40 – 400 mm (10×)

FD71: I still have mine, still works great.     :-) In those days if you wanted to put a photo on your web page or in Word, there weren't many resources to do it. I would have to take a film photo of the product with SLR, then pay someone to scan it with their scanner (not that popular), then I would have a .jpg But this cam changed everything for me, as I was able to easily put product photos on my web site where others weren't able to. (1999) So this cam paid off big for me, even though I ...

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I bought this camera to take eBay auction pictures and for sending pics thru email and it is PERFECT for that. I like a lot of zoom and this has 10x OPTICAL. It will shoot close enough to fill the screen with a stamp or a coin in sharp detai. My wife saw how easy it is to operate and practically stole it from me. She is not intimidated by it. We like the way it operates using ordinary floppies for storage and we get about 20 shots per disk. Similar to a roll of film, but cheaper. If you ...

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