PIX 2015

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-U30

Announced May 28, 2003 •
2 megapixels | 1 screen | 33 mm

I've carried the little U30 in my pants pocket for a couple of months. It's great to have a camera at hand all the time and I've taken several hundred shots. The image quality is excellent especially in bright natural light or fairly close up with flash. Great color. 2 megapixels is actually quite a lot. This is the 1st pic out of the camera. Downsized. www.execpc.com/~katfisch/kathimaudetomgus.jpg Problems: The sliding door can open a little in my pocket and the lens then gets dusty. ...

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I wanted a small 2-3 mega pixel camera and this is it. From 1/2.7inch CCD, you should expect some noise, though. There is no setting for ISO, shutter speed, nor aparture so hold it still and hope for the best shapness. But it is so light that I often forget that it is on my belt. You could also use AAA batteries though they don't garantee the performance. If you have 128MB memory card and a few spare batteries, you are good to go. It is a visual bookmark like Sony said. Problems: No ...

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