PIX 2015

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-TX100V

Announced Jan 6, 2011 •
16 megapixels | 3.5 screen | 25 – 100 mm (4×)
khairil anuar

This is my 4th digital camera. Before this I was using IXUS 980IS which I bought back in late 2008. 3 years after using the IXUS, I thought it was like a high time to update. Furthermore, I was looking for something much more compact than IXUS - and without having to deal with protruding lens when doing the shooting. The HD video is the one that compels me the most. The video shooting is a blast for camera this size. The OLED screen is big and nice to look at - as long as it is not under the ...

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TX100V Sony has a super small, pocket-able camera with the TX100V. The TX100V has a very fast start-up times, though sometimes the sliding lid is difficult to slide down. The large oled screen has great color and detail but can be hard to see outdoors. The touch screen is good and bad. It can be too sensitive sometimes and non-responsive at others. Most often when touching the screen is not working, by switching to your other hand it will work. With such a large screen it is too easy to have ...

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