Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10

Announced Oct 16, 2013 •
20 megapixels | 3 screen | 24 – 200 mm (8.3×)
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Hi all I just bought an Android tablet, installed PlayMemories, configured all the gizmos and started experimenting. To start with the image on my 7' screen is excellent. It's much more comfortable than the RX10 screen. I had previously studied carefully Smart Remote Control Specifications | PlayMemories Camera Apps to make sure I could control most of, if not all, the features of the camera. It looked like a professional tool. I must have missed something because actually there is a shutter...
(Long-time lurker, first time poster ...) I have been running some tests with the slow-motion "HFR" mode of the new Sony RX10 II, and I can confirm that there is, in fact, a focus bug with this mode, as reported by Andrew Reid ( In a controlled set up, I would allow the camera to focus on a subject, then press the center button on the dial to enter "HFR standby", at which point the...
Baron LaCat
By: Baron LaCat (2 months ago)
Anyone got a link for the RX10 M2 complete User Guide PDF  ? Thanks in advance Baron
Hey guys - UPS just dropped off the new RX10ii and looks like the box was put through a ringer. So much so that the actual camera box was pretty banged up. The camera looks fine and appears functional, but the lens housing rattles and it's obvious in both closed and extended positions. Normal? My first ever hybrid superzoom so not sure how well these are made in terms of tolerances? Also, the zoom motor is not as quiet as I thought it would be, but sounds "ok". The image does wobble during...
By: Kahrom (2 months ago)
Hi there, First post here, so sorry if I am asking the obvious question. I am looking into buying a cemra, adn where I live (UK) the RX100m3 and a6000(with the 16-50 kit lens) are more or less at the same price. Portability is important, and thats why I have rulled out RX10(m1) although it has better reach. So my question is between the two, which one would you recommend? I am buying this for a relative as I have an SLR, but this will be their only camera and it will be mainly used for taking...
I have a Lumix GH3 with both 12-35 and 35-100/f2.8 lenses. The idea of having a camera that covers both these lenses/focal lengths intrigues me. Questions are... Would anyone know what theRX10 mkII image comparison/quality, either jpeg or RAW, would be compared to the GH3? Also, I've managed to capture some half decent motorsport images with the GH3/35-100 combo. Would i manage to capture decent motorsport images with the RX10 mkII?
Hi I read a comment on youtube that the new RX cameras now can charge while the camera is used (but the comment didn't mention a source) so I came here to confirm this , this is actually is a huge thing (if it was true) it mean that I can charge it via a power bank while shooting time-lapse or video so is it true ?
Please help me, Posted this on sony nex - aps-c forum too. I'm trying to decide between a Brand new Sony A6000 + 18-105 f4.0 vs Sony Rx10 (version 1) (this one will be a used one). It will mainly be used for wedding video (75% video and 25% stills). It will be an A cam (the a6000 is more expensive and im afriad it will overheat.. I have a sony a55 and it overheats a 4 or 5 minutes in direct sunlight; The Sony A7 I sold.. overheated too but rarely. I had a a57 (didn´t overheat) that was stolen...
By: lofty456 (2 months ago)
hi , new here after years with OLY. Quick question. I thought it was possible to see the coloured histogram in the pre shot Rx10 display, rather than simply on review. Does anyone know if it is possible??? thanks lofty
I've had my beautiful RX10, new, for about three months and have shot perhaps 2,000 images plus a trifle of video. Recently, after I emptied the card (taking away about 1,000 images), the performance of the camera has markedly slowed. * Rear screen comes on immediately, or it takes 5 seconds * The viewfinder remains black until either five seconds or eight seconds. Three indicators are on at the moment the viewfinder comes alive or soon thereafter: a letter indicating shooting mode, +/-...
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