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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-F828

Announced Aug 15, 2003 •
8 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 28 – 200 mm (7.1×)
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So the trusty F32X finally bought the ghost, finding another is futile to say the least.  I am looking for a suitable replacement that can take advantage of the F828 TTL feature.  I really don't want to spend a fortune since this camera is 8 years old... I am looking at such names as Bower, RPS, Vivitar, Sunpak and Phoenix, bounce and swivel are a definite selling point.  Ideas?
I purchased a generic remote shutter release for my F828 with a standard 2.5 and three position button, Off/auto-focus/release.  However when I connect it, nothing happens when I press the buttons in any position.  I checked resistance of the plug in both operating positions and they do close.  Does the ACC jack not work as a remote shutter port?  Here is the remote shutter release I bought and the pin-out for the AJ-007 board that the jack works off.  I have the capabilities to rewire the...
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