PIX 2015

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-D770

Announced Jun 30, 1999 •
1 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 – 140 mm (5×)
Ayman Safadi

I purchased this camera almost two years ago, and paid 995.00 which was a good price at the time. Since then I have seen cameras from Minolta, Nikon and a couple of others that offer 4 and 5 times the pixel quality, more zoom and better features for the same price or less today. I purchased a Sony because of there reputation with TV's and VCR's however I have friends who have already replaced the Sony cybers shots cameras, I am just about ready to do the same. Problems: The view finder, you ...

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I have had the DSC D770 for 1 year. I can live with the low pix and have some very good prints without using the tif resolution. My BIG complaint is the focus. I don't seem to get the same focus on the screen as through the view finder. I sent the camera back twice temporary repair once and a disclaimer the second time. Anyone have this problem? Herman M. Goldberg hmgesq@aol.com Problems: Focus

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