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Sigma 24-70mm F2.8 EX DG Macro

Announced Sep 22, 2004 •
Zoom lens | Canon EF, Pentax KAF, Sony/Minolta Alpha, Sigma SA Bayonet, Nikon F (FX)
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Hi all, Have been watching this site for a long while now and I finally decided to make an account as I cannot decide on which to lens (so many different lenses/reviews :s) My setup: Basically in a few months I will be going travelling for 1.5 years in SE Asia, Australia (almost a year spent here!), New Zealand and possibly some French Polynesia island. I own a D3300 with the 18-55 vrii lens kit, a 35mm 1.8G and a Joby Focus gorilla pod as I love to take long exposure.  I will take my 35mm...
Hi, I'm looking to put down the EF-S 18-55mm soon. The IQ, focal range, focus, and maximum aperture isn't working for me. It's not bad though, from 18mm to 55mm. It's just the aperture, most of all. I'm looking for a cheap lens upgrade (sorry no L glass like the 24-105, 24-70, 17-40. I would buy it, but I'm looking for something cheap for now!). Looking for a good walkaround lens, that gives me landscape and standard telephoto portraiture/low light photos.  I'm really looking for: 1....
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