Sigma DP1s

Announced Oct 2, 2009 •
5 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 28 mm
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As the new owner of a Dp1s, I have heard about the wiring mod that can be done to the Dp1 and Dp2 cameras to keep the lens permanently extended, so as to avoid the motor/wire wearing out problem, but what isn't clear is can this mod be done to remedy the problem after the lens has already malfunctioned, or is it solely a preventative measure beforehand?
Well, a few weeks back I posted about an auction purchase I'd made of an original DP1. I'd intended to buy a DP1s but the seller had made a mistake on the listing. Anyway, I kept the camera and was very pleased for somewhere around fifty shots, when the lens came out and stayed out. It is now unfortunately totally unresponsive, and I can hear a little clunking noise when I move it. Since Sigma have quoted more than the cost (to me) for the repair, I'm considering taking it apart and fixing it...
I have read that the base ISO is 200, meaning that setting then ISO at 100 is equivalent to using a neutral density 1-stop filter, which one would only do if a slower shutter speed were desired. First of all, is this true, and how do we know? Second, is this what owners use as their basic good-light setting, 200? Third, can someone tell me what the base ISO for my DP1s is, given that it allows a setting of 50 for the lowest ISO? And finally, has anyone succeeded in seeing for themselves...
By: RedGreenBlue (Feb 19, 2014)
Here's a photo from my DP1s: What causes the discolored band at the bottom?  This happens only occassionally. I take RAW and convert to tiff in SPP.
By: swedishnerd (Jan 24, 2014)
Hey, after my DP1s got stolen I really missed the little camera so I just got a cheap 2nd hand DP1x. What SD card should I get? In my SD14 I had some issues with a 16gb Transcend card so I wanna make sure I get a card that will work. What's the max size card for this camera and what brand should I go for? Thanks for your advice!
By: jozhua (Apr 16, 2013)
A bit inspired with the pictures here taken with Sigma cameras. I really miss my simple Dp1s. I have to wait for around 3 more months before it comes back to me from Sigma Japan. The whole shutter cable thing... anyway it just hit me and I would like to ask considering that the sigma cameras do not offer an electronic viewfinder... what if Sigma released the merrill system with an atachable electronic viewfinder. but compared to the release price of around $1k to 1.2k, its $500 -$1000...
Hello guys,My name is joshua I have been using the Sigma Dp1s for around 4 months now,bought it used from Ebay for an astounding price with tons of freebies. I bought it because of the fantastic IQ and the small form factor. Anyway, I have certainly not mastered the camera yet, you can view my photo blog at I wish I could afford the DP2m though, alas I cannot.The images are not at all great but I am proud to share them anyway cause of the color! :) I...
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