Samsung NX 30mm F2 Pancake

Announced Jan 4, 2010 •
Prime lens | Samsung NX | S30NB
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By: deadmeat30 (9 months ago)
Posted to: Samsung Talk
Hi everyone, Im wanting to add a lens to my collection.... I currently have the 20-50mm kit lens, and a couple of Pentax PK mount lens that i just play about with as they were cheap. Now, i would really like to purchase a new lens while Samsung have there offer on. With the lens im wanting to do some general photography with a small lens, photographing my miniatures in the light box i have, and some filming. 3 lens jump out at me for the practicality 20mm 2.8 lens - nice small size and light,...
Hey, I just purchased an NX20 to complement my NX1000 I have these lenses: 20-50, 30, 60, 85, 50-200 III Which is most suitable/best quality for recording a meeting? (tripod) Is there a way to bypass the 25min limit or is that a filesystem limitation? I'm also looking for a EM10 mic in Canada but it seems to have been discontinued? Is there a way to tether video to my computer? Or any way to possibly use the NX20 for a delayed webcast?
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