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Samsung Pro815

Announced Jun 2, 2005 •
8 megapixels | 3.5 screen | 28 – 420 mm (15×)

Good image quality 50 - 100 ISO. Wery good lenses. Wery good macro quality, wireless self-timer for nature, people, and night shoot - when You use tripood. Both lcd + viewfinder its excellent. Best Regards to all owners from JB ;-) Problems: Nothing!

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I have had this camera for about 4 months. I have found it to be excellent in every way: built line a tank, a comprehensive set of features equal to most DSLRs + movie mode (including independent focus AND exposure locks, and excellent macro options, and RAW, not that I use it). Moreover, all the manual options have a direct button access (the camera is studded with them). There are 3 viewfinder options, including one at waist level, for that low-level shot. Great colour, direct from the ...

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My first venture into a proper camera. This camera is fab!!! Easy to use - tons of features - great burst mode pics - amazing lens both wide and telephoto. LCD brilliant so clear high quality easy to view for several people. Battery life excellent and a bargain buy on ebay! Can't go wrong! Problems: Camera shake at full telephoto difficult to avoid - automatic focus impossible at full zoom but manual focus easy!

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I purchased this camera nearly a year ago now it being the third digital camera I've bought within two years after a ten year lay off from photography. I was previously working semi-professionally as a social photographer and actively involved in competition work so I feel I am reasonably qualified to comment about this camera, (unlike some people who have made comments here and do not appear to have even held the camera, can't these people follow the guidelines that have been set for this ...

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Ger Horgan

This 8 mega pixel camera contains a superb lens with a nice 15x optical zoom. Picture qualities are great. Performance-wise, super fast and nice response time. It is definately a great value for its price. I had a Fuji S7000 before this and I prefer this camera. Great Battery life and takes very very vivid (color) pictures Problems: Raw processing is slow You will need Adobe Photoshop CS2 to get the full potential of the camera

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Andrzej Labeda

A little odd controls and menus. After a time, however, it becomes logical and easy to use. Plenty of functions. Problems: The only one but utmost irritating. Large display in browsing/display mode shows very bad images. They are owfull, to avoid stronger word such as lousy. Have reported to service - after 4 weeks still waiting. Have contacted Samsung directly. Not a sign after 5 weeks. My advice - if you would like to study image after clicking - buy somthing else. Cameras for 200 bux provi ...

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I took a long time before deciding to post this. I bought this Pro815 on 17 June 06. I can take good pictures clearly even at 420mm zoom during a bright day. But I have yet succesfully took a zoomed picture without blur at night. Lucky for me I rarely shoot at night. ISO only reach 400 but at 400 it looks good for me. Not sure how but I once actually manage to take a picture at night in my room without the light on, curtain on and picture came out brighter than what I can see, as if it can ...

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Phil Loughran

I have read some of the user reviews of this camera. Some over the top, others pretty damning. Some opinions appear to be by people who have not properly used this camera. Yes, there is some noise in images at high ISO's, but this is generally the same as other 8MP camera, just with different noise reduction. Yes, the camera is heavy, and large. But if you're used to 35mm cameras this should not be a problem, just as using a tripod shouldn't be. I used this in Thailand along with a Kodak ...

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Rocco Strauss

This is my first purchase at the top end of the compact camera market, and I'm happy to say that it's been the best investment I've made in cameras to date. I've had my 815 for a little over 6 months now, and it's going strong. The versatility of the camera is immense. Almost everything I try do on "Auto" turns out perfect, and when the system seems to be unsure how to set the shot, it's easy to switch to manual (MF or M) and use it's guidance to finish it. The grip is perfectly sized for my ...

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Good camera. The battery life, contrary to previous reviews, is excellent - I shot an entire 5 day holiday on 1 charge (& filled severeal cards doing so). The focus hunts a little too much at the maximal zoom but the optics are awesome with great clarity. The LCD although very large is a little overkill except for viewing picttures later. It's easier to shoot through the eyepiece. The small LCD on the top is very useful for tripod & shooting from the hip shots. It's a heavy beast but solidly ...

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