PIX 2015

Ricoh Caplio G3

Announced Feb 13, 2003 •
3 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

From the field - Some that studiotesting not always cover. Caplio 300G - The RR30's weatherproof twin. I chose to put this minireview here because there are no section for either the 300G or the RR30 which it is based on. The closest model is the G3, which replaced the RR30. The main differences for the RR30 compared to the G3 seems to be A little longer shutterlag and no sound recording. It took me a while to figure out which one the 300G was based on, but it should be the RR30 as it like ...

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This was the first digi I ever bought, and I've had it for over 2 years now, and it's still going strong after lots of use. It's a great camera all round with lots of very neat features, but it really shines is when used for macro photography, which is one of the main reasons I bought it. I've taken some great frame filling pics of hover flies which are no more than 1cm long! It's also a great camera to carry around when a DSLR is a bit too much. I took it on holiday with me and came back ...

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Purchased the S version of this camera, nice black solid body, good shape and solid feel, buttons have nice feel to them. Have owned it for over a year and have enjoyed using it (especially to take hundreds of shots of our new son). Pretty good in camera user interface which is intuitive. Great battery life for the rechargeable that is supplied at least 300 shots. If you use AA batteries (Alkaline ones) you can get about 100 photo's using the LCD and the flash for about 30% of the shots which ...

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I bought my G3 (a demo) in clearance sale at dirt cheap price and found it to be the best value. I have known the sharp resolution of RICOH lenses in my teen age. This time I am really convinced. My G3 with 3MP performed almost as good as my 4MP Panasonic LC70 with Leica lens in sharpness. Pros: 1. AA & NP-60 lithium battery 2. 1cm (actually 1/2 inch) macro range Text mode is very useful for taking pictures of those historical documents in the archive of library. 3. Shutter lag is small. ...

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Great camera packed with lot of specs. G3 has many properties that even way more expensive cameras do not have like fast shutter response and 1cm macro. The S-model have beautifull and very sturdy magnesium casing and is still light-weight. G3 is overall fast and easy to use and has great batterylife. Too bad that picture quality is only good and slighly blueish and video lengt is restricted. Problems: - Limited video lenght (30s) - PC software is nearly useless due bugs. - High noise with ...

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A great little camera. Pros: Good image quality, especially in lowest sensitivity. Great quality even when wide open. Fast response - extremely short shutter lag and speedy AF, quick to navigate between menus and modes (although more buttons would have been handier than menus) Long battery life. Flexible battery options (2xAA or Lithium-ion pack) Unbelievably close macro. Reasonable sound for video. Dirt cheap for what you get Compact, although a bit long. Manual focus and white balance are ...

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Karel Osten

This is a flawed camera. I have used my G3 model S for the past few months, and have been disappointed by its image quality, particularly as it has some very useful and interesting features. The magnesium alloy body is a significant improvement over the plastic base model, and feels good to handle. It slips easily in a pocket. I find the layout clean and uncluttered compared to other compact digicams. I like the arrangement of the mode selector dial, although I occasionally turn the camera ...

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1.Fast 2.You could make a lot of movie ( as much as u can store on SD card. 3.Good picture quality. 4.Great value of money ( chip :)) 5.Nice Voice recorder :) about 7h on 256MB SD 6.NIMH battery last very long :)) it used only 2 AA :) Problems: Some problems wita AF in low lights ( but there is a manual focus :) - so it isnt problem :)

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Brian Lopez

My wife's parents just returned from a holiday in Europe so I was interested to see the results from this camera. My impressions are that the pictures are not especially vibrant in colour. The camera also seems to have problems focussing in medium and low-light -- a number of shots were blurry when they should not have been. There doesn't seem to be one "general" automatic mode which will take a reasonable shot in most conditions. Instead you must choose from several nice scene settings, ...

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Bought it some days ago and it's a nice toy. I think best 3,2 MegPix cam you can get for money . Image quality is really good. I use it most time for snapshots, because of the fast response time....the Caplio is a completion to my SLR kit. I love the macro feature...up close to 1 cm and the fast response time. Great ! Problems: You have to buy a memory card min. 64 MB or 128 MB and replace batterys for rechargeables. Cover for USB / AV-OUT looks not very reliable....will see how long ist last.

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