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Pentax Optio W10

Announced Feb 15, 2006 •
6 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)

I bought this camera to take on a canoe trip and so that I could have a small waterproof camera on other trips when I might hesitate to take my larger digital camera due to water proximity. This camera out-performed my expectations. It is just a little point and shoot, but the picture quality and color saturation were fabulous. Its ability to withstand water damage was tested the second day of the canoe trip when we accidentally overturned the canoe and had to swim to shore. The camera ...

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It is what it is, a point and shoot waterproof camera. Well, almost waterproof, if you used it for too long or too deep, you might find yourself with a dead camera. The construction is good, the LCD is adequate, and it is simple enough for the novice to take reasonable pictures. My mother uses this camera when she is out with my son, and she has no trouble operating it. Mom is not the most technically adept person out there... The waterproofing works as advertised, you can safely take ...

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Holger Schmitz

I´m very happy with the w10, my upgrade to the optio wp. Could be a little more on the wide side, but it´s okay. Bought the underwaterhousing in Japan and so I´ve got the perfect underwatercam. After working over the pictures with dxo there are perfect pictures. Would buy it again any time :)

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Don Bedrick

This review is about horrible reliability so I picked "construction" to give it the bad score. I loved the W10 at first. Now 8 months and 400 or 500 shots later, it's unusable. The first problem to occur (5 months and 300 or 400 shots) was massive amounts of white circles in any exposure with most of the light being supplied by the flash. This was not due to airborne dust or dirty lense. Now the auto focus won't work at all (all exposures appear the same amount out of focus and we're not ...

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Bought this camera for photographing in the rain oder at the beach because it´s waterproof. Image quality is surprisingly good although bright areas are a bit overexposured. So sometimes the colours look a bit strange. Autofocus is fast and good, you can use different focus modes. Continuos performance is usable, the camera writes the images in the internal memory and after this on the card. Video quality is ok, but you can hear the AF clicking when using the camera in a silent room. So if ...

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Mars Chan

Had this camera the entire summer, which purpose for envirnomental-proof photo shooting (under water, snowboarding) and its frame-picture feature is a fun add-on. Wasn't expect the image quaility due to its tiny CCD... but it turns out "not bad.... impressive!" Flash is strong....above its class. Its zoomable movie mode is very handy as well, some may find out the noise of zoom in/out issue; but which is still better than most other dc which not even allow u to zoom in/out while recording. ...

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I bought this camera for two reasons: 1. I was tired of lugging around my DSLR and lenses whenever I was out and about with my family. 2. I needed a camera to take out on the river with me fly fishing that was compact and that I wouldn't be afraid to get wet. This is the only camera I could find that fit the bill for #2, and it also works admirably well for #1! As a bonus, it shoots very good quality video which enables me to carry a single camera in my shirtpocket for just about any famil ...

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I bought this camera for a trip to Hawaii because I wanted a sand and surf friendly camera. I have 2 Canon S410 cameras for casual trips where my dslr is just too big and heavy. This camera is light enough for a shirt pocket. I love my Canon digital Elphs but the W10 blows it away in every catagory and it's waterproof to boot. Check out the underwater pics on my site at I gave the camera to 8-10 year olds playing in the pool at a neighbor's party and ...

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So I really needed a wee little camera that I could carry in a pocket and not know its there, until I needed it. I realized that it wouldn't replace my 30D (digi SLR) but I also knew I couldn't abide with a really crappy image capture. The W10 is a great little point and shoot! It takes a good picture, and if the light is not too low, it is a sharp and well exposed picture. I was surprised by how such a small lens system could produce the resolution it does. And if you stay within flash ...

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Only received the camera recently, so far so good. Image quality out of the box is good, will have to do a bit of playing around. What I like in particular so far: - easier access to settings than with my canon ixus i5 (SD20) - nice power saving features, in some time I'll be able to tell something about battery life which is insufficient on my canon - the camera is accessible on my computer as an additional drive (canon not, not as convenient but only a small detail) - soft flash - neat ...

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