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Pentax Optio S4i

Announced Feb 2, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

Pentax Optio S4i is a superb little gadget camera. Very easy to bring everywhere. It't amazing how many features Pentax have put into this little box. I bought this camera to combine it with my Siemens SX1 cell phone. Both gadgets can use the same storage device, the MMC. Now I can take pictures with the Optio, resize them, easily remove the the MMC with the pictures from the camera to the cell phone and then send them as e-mail attachments. Two very powerful tools - Pentax Optio s4i and ...

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I debated for such a long time which first digital camera to buy, My choices included the Casio Exlim Z40, Canon 410 as well. I also considered the OPTIO S40, AA Batteries. I checked them all out, all were great, but I preferred the Optio S4I for light weight and image quality. I am totally pleased with the OPTIO S4I. It takes excellent pictures, the image quality is great. I love the colors and tones, I have no complaints on the image quality, and I am amazed it delivers on such a tiny ...

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I just bought this for my wife and see LOVES this little camera. Lots of features for such a small product. I looked at Minolta Xg & Sony T1 and it boiled down to media cost & options. Im glad I choose the Pentax. Problems: There is a firmware update on this. Go to Pentax for version 1.1

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Albert E.

I got this little beauty just over a week ago, and still am not through with the honeymoon :) It's an excellent camera for the money - I found some deals online and picked it up with a 256MB SD card for $355 shipping included. Just do some searching online. I recommend shopcartusa dot com. I haven't had a chance to test out all the camera's features so far, but what I have noticed is its generally good performance and good picture quality. It's more than I asked for in such a compact package. ...

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I love being able to forget that I'm carrying a 4MP camera in my pocket all the time. It's always ready. And for the size, the picture quality, zoom and battery life are pretty amazing! Everyone who sees it and the results are blown away. Movies are excellent - although the zoom is digital only and poor. Problems: Bug in firmware 1.00 freezes the camera on shutter press after going from movie mode directly to green mode with the quick button. Hopefully a fix will be available shortly. NB: ...

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Well-designed ergonimics - easy to use for such a small format. Significant improvements over the S4 include larger multipurpose button, larger LCD screen, and charger (don't have to remove the battery). Love the size - I carry it in a belt holster every day. Fantastic macro capabilities. Problems: Problem with green screen mode freezing after switching from movie mode. Disappointing implementation of digital zoom for movie mode (doesn't scale the resolution to use all available pixels).

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The Optio S got my attention about a year ago when it was introduced, but it wasn't enough of an improvement over my Canon Powershot S110. The S110 still takes excellent, very well balanced pictures and it is as mechanically sound after 6000+ pictures as the day I purchased it. The Optio 4Si, however, with 4 megapixels and the 1.8" LCD, sealed the deal. This camera makes the S110 seem big and heavy! The detail of the pictures is better when compared side by side with the S110, but the ...

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