PIX 2015

Pentax Optio S40

Announced Feb 2, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

Please don't buy this camera and be very cautious about buying others in this series Problems: Problems from beginning. The camera ate up the most expensive (around $8 or $9 aussie dollars) non-rechargeable batteries in around 1/2 an hour. Quality rechargeable batteries set me back another $90 after a failed $30 experiment with lesser quality rechargeables. Then occasionally the camera wouldn't turn on despite the batteries being fully charged. I was about to take it back and when this ...

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DON'T BUY THIS CAMERA IT IS A DUD! Having previously had a Kodak DC3400 for 4 years I was looking for an upgraded camera with the ability to carry around easily and use indoors and at night. What a mistake. The 4 year old Kodak takes vastly superior photos, crisp, clear phot quality. Images from this camera are just passable for outside shots, but when you take it indoors the images are terrible, grossly under exposed on any flash setting. The Kodak was a 2Mp camera, average image was ...

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