PIX 2015

Pentax Optio S4

Announced Sep 3, 2003 •
4 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 35 – 105 mm (3×)

Its not going to give you SLR image quality or speed, but what do you expect for such a compact little camera. Its a perfect informal cam for slipping in a pocket and there is nothing else on the market to touch it. Super macro mode is fantastic and, considering the size, the other features are great and the handling is remarkably easy even for my largish hands. Very well thought out controls apart from the on-off switch position, though not a problem in actual use. Problems: None worth ...

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Jeff Winkler

Bought this camera for one purpose: Ability to take it wherever and whenever I wanted - without having to carry a large purse. The main purpose has been achieved. I love the size and functions/features. Just returned from a 7 day vacation in Florida. Took approx 200 pictures - Disney World, Kids... Used the ACDSee software that was included in the camera box - Great quality, ease of use - Every "family" photogragher should have one!!! Problems: Very questionable battery/disk storage ...

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Dr Graham Paul

A marvellous little camera. Its pros are: * A light, small credit-card sized camera which lives comfortably in my pocket is much more useful than a bigger camera left at home because of its bulk. * The flash is surprisingly powerful and adequate in most situations. I use fill-in flash a lot and wondered if the lack of control over degree of fill-in would matter (it's either on or off) but it gives very acceptable fill-in in most conditions unless the subject is very close (tends to ...

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Having just bought this camera, I took it with me on vacation in the Amazon jungle. The pictures turned out perfect. The were super clear and the colors were great. Of course, the small size made it easy to carry. I would recommend buying the 256MB SD card, since the camera is 4 megapixels, especially so you can take quality pictures. In addition, Pentax makes a nice (and small) leather carrying case for the camera (PTX-L40). It fits right on your belt and even has a holder for your ...

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Heard about Bluish effect Problems: I've read a lot of reviews and most of them seems to say that pictures taken will have a heavier blue, this makes the color tone unbalance........not bluish effect to the whole picture but only pictures with blue objects in it will be more striking/obvious.....comments??

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I've been using Canon A40 for 1.5yrs. Although, it's quite bulky, the image quality and accurate metering is definitely better than this S4. But some advantages of S4 are: 1. fast control (unbelieviable, comparsion to the stalled control on A40) 2. fast startup 3. size (one of the most important reason that I bought it, now I could bring a camera with me all the time) 4. use of SD card (At the time of purchase, I was also considering Canon S400, but it use CF and is much thicker, in spite of ...

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j vassallo

Yeah, there are a few compromises with the S4, but after researching all the competition, I strongly feel that the S4 is the best performing subcompact on the market. It's relatively fast, it produces very good quality pictures, has a great range of shutter speeds, and it's SUPER COMPACT! I take this camera places I would never lug my Canon S40. Problems: The power button is poorly located next to the shutter release button, but all reviews say that, so this was not a suprise problem. ...

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A great compact camera to carry with me all the time. For a camera of this tiny size it is feature packed, however, I would have preferred aperture or shutter priority mode. Very good: manual focus, histogram, long exposure time for night shots, if needed. I am having no problems with the position of the shutter and the on/off button. Problems: As other users have already stated, the battery compartment door appears to be flimsy, however, it can be bent to some degree without damage. Hence, ...

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Excelent size, medium quality. I bought my s4 two months ago, I take that camera with me always, so size and weight was the matter. But unfortunatedly I can't say this camera match the quality that other ones give at a similar price. I've been using an IXUS 400 and compared to this one, the s4 has more noise (and lower max sensivity), greater barrel distortion and lower "lens" resolution. I supose it's the price you must pay for packing 4M photodetectors in a so small sensor. Also the ...

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s van den Borne

Owner of the S4 for 5 weeks. This camera is WOW!! My first digicam and I'm sure it will be the last one for many years from now. I'm totally happy with the cam. The pictures are great, the cam is easy to use and it is portable! Pentax even constructed the connection for a tripod on this cam (though it looks quite funny ;-)). I've never seen something like this. Problems: The only two things that seems to occur often are: 1) some hot/stuck pixels on the display (also when broadcasting on a TV ...

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