PIX 2015

Pentax Optio 33WR

Announced Sep 3, 2003 •
3 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 37 – 104 mm (2.8×)

I've had this camera for 4 years and taken it with me whenever I expected rough conditions or a chance for the camera to get wet (at or on rivers or the sea). It's still going strong. I still use it with a laughably cheap 256MB SD card and AA rechargables. Picture quality up to IS0 400 (the highest setting) is as good as on most digital compacts I've used, and the 3MP has always provided enough resolution, even for smaller poster sized prints. On at least one occasion, the camera got fully ...

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I got this camera specifically for outdoor, all-weather use - whitewater boating, sailing, winter sports, and so on. It takes decent pictures (especially when considering the diameter of the lens, and size of the sensor). But more importantly, it's a VERY handy package that can be tossed in a shirt pocket, backpack, car console, you name it.... I've soaked it numerous times (including a few intentional underwater photos that didn't turn out too well). From a pure digital photography ...

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I wanted a good pocket camera to use when I didn't want or was unable to carry around my G2 and accessories. I decided to go with the 33WR because of it's size, water resistance, image quality, and price. So far I have been very happy with my choice. I no longer worry about my camera when I'm taking shots at a pool or in the rain. It takes great shots outdoors but is definitely not an indoor camera. The flash is low power so you need quite a bit of light if you are shooting indoors (which ...

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I was looking for a camera as a back-up for my EOS 300D. I wanted a camera which I could use in all conditions and ended almost naturally with the Optio WR which I could pick up for only 150€. At first, I found it an ackward, ugly little thing, but now after only one week, I'm completely in love with it (as is my girlfriend.) The essentials are there: nice picture quality (although it does not compare to my EOS 300D), superb white balance, good exposure. The only thing I would complain about, ...

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Was great until it went missing. Nice design and practical. Only complaint that it was slow to take pictures-about a second from the time you pressed the shutter button to when it took the pictures. Great documentation and very enjoyable camera. Problems: A bit small for my hands. Missed it so much we had to buy a new one we got the 43wr. Much better Camera

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I think this is an excellent camera. It has a whole host of useful features - video and still time lapse, video with sound, slideshow, zoom in playback still mode, easy to download images/video to computer and video, memo mode, and the usual camera features such as flash, picture mode, timer, white balance adjustment, etc. I had a great time learning to use the many features of this camera. In my view, there is no comparison, feature-wise, with a normal 35 mm film camera of the same price. ...

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I had spent many weeks researching when I finally decided on the 33WR. It has almost every feature you could ask for except for full manual controls. It's really easy to use and easy to handle. I don't care for the plastic body. I'm glad to see Pentx is putting out the 43WR, as 3 megapixels is starting be a low end camera. Problems: I only had it a about 2 weeks when it fell off the computer desk with the usb cable plugged in and the the door that covers the I/O ports broke. It no longer ...

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I have found that this camera is ideal for what it is suposed to be good for - a water resistant go anywhere camera. I do not need to worry about taking it out in wet or coastal conditions and it is even happy being rolled in my kayaks. I am very happy with the photo quality given 3 MP. Problems: usual shutter lag issues for a compact digital camera - would have preferred CF card rather than SD. Battery use is not great.

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Ross Alford

A very nice little camera. I got it for the water-resistance and thus the ability to take it anywhere and not worry about a bit of rain, spray, high humidity, sand, etc. Also for the small size, again as a take-with-always camera. Image quality is really very good as compared to other ~3 MP cameras I have seen or used. The fine jpeg mode is finer than at least some; for example Nikon Coolpix SQ only saves 4 bits/pixel in finest mode, while the 33WR saves 5. It is good enough that jpeg ...

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I bought this camera when it first came out. It is a little solid camera with water resistance capability. It is relatively easy to use with reasonably good results. Indoor flash shots with tungsten light produces better colour balance than the more expensive Canon A80. Macro capabililty is excellent with very good image quality. The overall image quality is not bad (but not excellent either) in most cases, but AF suffers when the environment is relatively dim, say indoor with tungsten light ...

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