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Pentax Optio 330RS

Announced Jun 3, 2002 •
3 megapixels | 1.6 screen | 37 – 111 mm (3×)
ion cionca

Tested the Optio330RS for one week after having sold my old Canon S20. Out of 260 pix only 10 were acceptably sharp (and none as good as on Canon): big focus problems in all conditions (in/out door, sunny, cloudy, etc...) otherwise, very nice camera: tiny, solid construction, great user interface, nice colors and fast response too bad.. brought it back and wait for Nikon's Coolpix 4300 Problems: - focus problems - heavy noise unless high quality selected (and thus 1.8 MB image file) - stupid ...

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I bought this camera after spending a lot of time researching the area. I knew I was looking for a mid-range, mid-spec camera which would produce good images at a fair price. With this camera I wasn't at all disappointed. I study Architecture and use photography an awful lot in my work, along with my ever reliable... well most of the time SLR and my compact I needed a camera that would be quick and easy to use for the photos that you want there and then with no real fuss with quick review ...

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Joseph Tong

I bought the camera after quite a bit of research on the web. Liked it for its small size and features. However, the photos are a bit disappointing in terms of sharpness even for 4"x6". The flash is quite weak, producing acceptable results only within 8 feet. I ended up exchanging it for the Canon S-30 which gives much better pictures (for the same price).

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Great as a 'point and shoot' type camera. I bought mine about 6 weeks ago and have been using it in all sorts of lighting conditions without any problems at all. I have not experienced any of the soft focus problems being reported by owners of the Optio430 so I don't know if that problem is specific to the 430, or if I just lucked out. The small size of the camera is probably its best feature. Similar in size to a packet of cigarettes and easy to keep in the pocket. It won't replace my SLR ...

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Excellent features. with a F2.6 lens. You can take clear image in dark light environment. Small size you can just put it in your pocket. And easy controled manual mode that you can change the shutter speed and aperture quickly. I love this camera. And I have put away my old Fujifilm 2400Z camera away after I own this good designed machine. Problems: we can take movie but too short(30 seconds) and no sound. While you want to change the WB, you need to operate some keys before you access the ...

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Pentax Optio 330RS has plenty of easy to use features all contained in a pocket sized piece of very robust hardware. The in-built 11Mb memory compliments the CF card capacity nicely to ensure that you are not surprised by a sudden storage problem. The image quality is ok for a 3.2mp device. The software loaded easiy onto both a Windows ME and NT PC's with connectivity and file transfer working directly out of the box. The feature set/physical size/build quality/price combination sold me on ...

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Beat Kramer

I just returned from a trip to Europe. My wife and me are absolutely thrilled about the Pentax Option 330RS. The easy of use, versatility of functions, image quality and size are just great. We took pictures outside and inside, with flash without flash, used the timer, zoom and macro - Result: probably the best pictures we have from any trip we took. Because of its size we took it everwhere. The images are very color rich (saturation) and extremly crisp especially in daylight...The zoom is ...

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I went into the store with intentions to buy a Canon S200 (I had borrowed one for a week and liked the small pocketable size and image quality) but got sidetracked into buying an Optio 330RS because it was the same size as the S200 with more features and a 3x zoom (versus the 2x zoom on the S200). I had the Optio for a day and took it back and bought the S200. The Optio image quality was just not on par with the S200, too much noise, etc. Problems: Image quality is poor, too much noise. ...

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Nick Sawyer

Really excited when first bought the unit. Well sold by the retail outlet I used. Whilst functions are easy to use and the size a great asset for a Novice "on the move" photographer, really disappointed with the image quality for such a well-recommended camera. Very rarely get consistent all round crispness on shots. If I had the chance again I would not buy it. Problems: Would welcome any advice or direction on how to get better results.

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