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Pentax MX-1

Announced Jan 7, 2013 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 112 mm (4×)

I have had my MX-1 for over 18 months now, and I must say it is a delightful camera to use. There are many many things about this camera that make this a delight with some very minor issues that don't really ruin the complete enjoyment, but can initally affect the first impressions. Anyway the positives Fast (F1.8) lens Tilt screen which is possibly the finest LCD's I have seen on a camera. It is superb. Build quality is exceptional, being brass top and bottom. It really feels a quality product ...

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I first handled an MX-1 a month or so ago at an expo and immediately took a liking to it. It's a pocket battleship of a compact camera, in fact, compact would be a bit of a missnomer if it weren't for the lens being a lot smaller than anything comparable on a DSLR. But, being a guy with large hands, it fits me like a glove, unlike some others that feel very fiddely. The menus are logical once you get used to them and the controls and flip out LCD all feel distinct and robust, although the ...

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I have had this camera for a few months now so I thought I would share my experience with you. So, what do I think? On the whole it has been a great buy. Mind you, I certainly did not pay the release price of £450. I set myself a threshhold of £200 maximum, and if the camera came down to this then I would invest. Well, it hit £199 albeit for only 2 weeks in Jessops (it has since reverted back to £220). Was it worth it? Lets go through the pros and Cons:- Pros Beautiful build. It feels solid ...

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As tends to be the case with Pentax gear, I bought the MX-1 on a deal-a-day website for the very reasonable price of $199.  I was looking for a travel camera with better image quality than my Q but not as cumbersome as a big DSLR rig.  I already knew how capable the 28-112mm (equiv) f/1.8-2.5 lens was on this camera (I bought my mom an XZ-1 a little over a year ago), and I figured having a new backlit CMOS sensor behind it would be icing on the cake. Right off the bat, this is a rather bulky ...

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The MX-1 doesn't seem to get a whole lot of love - a bit of a sleeper but that's such a shame.  I've thoroughly enjoyed my first week with the camera, which I like better than any other compact I've used. For some, it'll be too big and too heavy.  But for me, the size is just about perfect.  Large enough to get a decent grip but small enough to fit in a small belt-loop bag and carry around easily all day (even better if you get the very nice Billingham bag made for Pentax, which came included ...

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