PIX 2015

Panasonic Lumix DMC-FS3

Announced Jan 29, 2008 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 33 – 100 mm (3×)

I took this camera driven by good reviews I read, but I was disappointed. In bright light images are very good and sharp, but as soon as the light is low or there are shadows, this camera show its weaknesses. - Battery life is very long (impressive). - The Lcd screen is very bright. Problems: The reasons why I decided to replace it are: 1 .- Too often photos are out of focus (and it's supposed to have image stabilization...) 2. - Indoor very often colors are too strong and not natural. 3. - ...

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I bought the FS3 as a pocket camera to carry it everywhere. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks of testing, I realized that its problems overcome its huge host of features. The most important problem is the "granular" texture of pictures, which is possibly caused by the noise reduction algorithm, and is annoying as I haven't seen such an effect in other cameras. Selecting low ISOs and lowest level of .jpg compression doesn't help. Other Problems: - Sliding switch instead of a push button for ...

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