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Established: 1918
Country: Japan
First digital camera: KXL-600A, 1997
Panasonic didn’t really enter the digital camera market seriously until 2001, with the launch of its Lumix brand, sporting Leica branded lenses. Credited with popularizing the ‘superzoom’ bridge camera concept with the FZ series, Panasonic also pioneered wideangle zooms on compacts and invented an entirely new segment (‘travel zooms’) with the big zoom / small camera TZ series. After experimenting with a short-lived range of Four Thirds SLR models, in 2008 Panasonic launched the Micro Four Thirds mirrorless ‘G’ system, which offers a range of SLR-styled, compact and video-optimized models. The small, but growing lens range includes some unique primes as well as the standard zooms.
Panasonic’s extensive compact camera range covers the whole gamut from entry-level, through superzoom to high end enthusiast (the LX series). Most feature Leica- branded lenses and many have wideangle zooms.
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Panasonic’s Micro Four Thirds lens range contains some pretty exotic optics, including Fisheye, Macro and pancake primes and ultrawide zooms, in addition to the more conventional standard and tele zoom models.
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Panasonic's smalll KX range of printers are compact dye-sublimation models which product postcard-sized prints. Key features include a 16:9 printing option and built-in LCD screens.
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