Olympus E-500 / EVOLT E-500

Announced Sep 26, 2005 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | Four Thirds sensor
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I recently got this camera from my uncle in Canada and I was really excited to try it out. I fiddled with the manual settings since I learned most of it in school (we had a dedicated photography class). I eventually realized my lenses weren't meant for close shots that much (one lens is 40-150 mm and the other is 14-45 mm). I fiddled with it some more, and I noticed eventually that the aperture reading was blank. it was just f-.- what it says on my viewer  It doesnt matter what mode Im using...
By: lapetude (Dec 27, 2013)
Posted to: Open Talk
hi, I know very little about photography. I am not fluent in the use a professional camera, but can point and click. I am using cameras borrowed because they have a mount system that connects to a telescope. All I want to do is take pictures with a telescope. I have a T2 adapter for an Olympus e500 I borrowed. I have an adapter to go from T2 mount to a telescope. However I just realised this camera does not do live view before taking pictures. Big problem when trying to focus a telescope and...
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