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Olympus E-500 / EVOLT E-500

Announced Sep 26, 2005 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | Four Thirds sensor
Olympus E-500 / EVOLT E-500 Ask a question in forums about the Olympus E-500 / EVOLT E-500.
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Has anyone tried using a WiFi card like the Toshiba FlashAir and a Compact Flash SD card adapter with an E500? Does it work? Would like to wirelessly connect the E500 to my smartphone, tablet and laptop. That is, if it's even possible at all with such an old camera.
I need/want a good (affordable)back pack that I can safely carry my Oly E-5(with HLD-4) with attached 50-200 (ver I), Oly E-1 with attached 14-54 ver I  and also E-500 with 14-42 or 35mm lens attached, Fl-36, 4 or 5 batteries, battery charger, rocket blower, lens cloth etc.  Any good ideas/suggestions would be appreciated. --egalvan
I recently got this camera from my uncle in Canada and I was really excited to try it out. I fiddled with the manual settings since I learned most of it in school (we had a dedicated photography class). I eventually realized my lenses weren't meant for close shots that much (one lens is 40-150 mm and the other is 14-45 mm). I fiddled with it some more, and I noticed eventually that the aperture reading was blank. it was just f-.- what it says on my viewer  It doesnt matter what mode Im using...
By: lapetude (Dec 27, 2013)
Posted to: Open Talk
hi, I know very little about photography. I am not fluent in the use a professional camera, but can point and click. I am using cameras borrowed because they have a mount system that connects to a telescope. All I want to do is take pictures with a telescope. I have a T2 adapter for an Olympus e500 I borrowed. I have an adapter to go from T2 mount to a telescope. However I just realised this camera does not do live view before taking pictures. Big problem when trying to focus a telescope and...
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