Olympus Tough TG-1 iHS

Announced May 8, 2012 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 25 – 100 mm (4×)
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By: captainsx (Jan 14, 2013)
Posted to: Open Talk
Hi all,I've been enjoying photography for few years, using couple of canon entry level dslr. dslr cameras are good, but they are too big for my pocket, so I have a Panasonic point and shoot (Lumix DMC FX38 aka FX37) with me all the time.The DMC FX38 is great for snapshot, but until recently I found a few gray spots on the pictures. Not sure if the dust are trapped inside the lens or on the sensor...but they are more visible if the lens is zoomed out.Anyway, the warranty has expired and I...
My wife and I have been selected for the Peace Corps and will be moving overseas early 2013.  We have an older Fuji (6MP) digital camera. I was thinking about updating my camera before we leave. Things I would like: -great photos AND video -possibly waterproof (not sure where we will be yet and what conditions we'll see) -Under $450 -Compact (no giant DLSRs) In looking online it seems like the Olympus TG-1 might fit the bill.  Then I saw the video for the GoPro3 last night and almost...
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