Olympus Stylus 1

Announced Oct 29, 2013 •
12 megapixels | 3 screen | 28 – 300 mm (10.7×)

I like a lot about this camera; it has a sturdy 'feel' about it. The EVF and the nice large (touch-) screen work fine. For me it's the ideal camera to take out on a trip, shoot some nice landscapes and some details you like one a building.... The focusing could be a bit faster under difficult circumstances (photographing a frog in a dark pond proved to be quite difficult). I don't experience this as a very 'fast' camera when being around kids or sports. And it's hardly a ''pocket''-camera. I ...

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This camera is just too good for my age (born in 1981).  The technology has come so far, it's hard to catch up.  I'm using this with the tcon 17x teleconverter and the results are great. The smaller sensor does suffer a bit in lowlight, but even high-iso images have a sharpness I cannot easily describe.  While the image in the frame on the LCD looks moving, the IS is so good when you playback the image it's tack sharp.  For good available light, this cannot be beaten.   Yes, the tcon 17x is ...

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Robert Evagelista

Olympus is my first Camera and introduced me to Digital Photography PHOTOGRAPHY BLOG using OMD EM-1 The best Thing about this camera 0.) Image Quality Super Sharp, Great Saturation even at RAW. Best JPEG Quality like everybody say. Accurate Metering, Lots of details on The Shadows and Highlights even at JPG Best kit lens I ever Had. 1.) Super Fast and Accurate Auto Focus The touch screen interface is just so useful. 2.) Mind Blowing Optical Image Stabilization You wont believe it even after ...

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I purchased the Stylus 1 to complement my two Canons - a G1X and an SX230HS - with the hope of replacing my SX230HS and giving it to a relative as a gift. I tested the camera alongside my SX230 over the weekend in various shooting situations. Unfortunately, the camera did not meet my needs/expectations and I am returning it. I am going to keep this brief and to the point. What I liked about the camera: (1) Beautiful bright LCD (2) Very nice, useable EVF (3) ...

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