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Olympus SP-350

Announced Aug 29, 2005 •
8 megapixels | 2.5 screen | 38 – 114 mm (3×)
Richard Black2

I agree with the review that comments on the slowness of the SP 350. That is my only issue. If the shutter lag could be equal that of a dSLR, I would not be looking at them. I have grandsons who move quickly, and this camera does not keep up. Photos, however, are exceptional, especially from RAW. It it a keeper in my book, but not for action photos. Problems: None after 1.5 years.

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Lance W

I'll start off saying this camera is slow. It starts up very fast, but after that it's slow. Slow to write to the card, slow to flip through pictures. But other than that this is an amazing camera. It offers everything you could want as far as feature set. Seriously, it's incredible how much was crammed into a rather small camera. It's ergonomics are very good for such a small camera too (unlike those candy bar shaped cams out there). Honestly, if this camera were faster in operation it ...

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I have had this little gem for about 3 months now, buying it at a knock down price on eBay as a refurb (but it actually was a brand new camera). It was bought as a short term stop gap purely for flash wotk while I changed my DSLR, so that I could continue to use my Olympus FL-50 flash for interior shots. A rather unlikely combination as the flash dominates the camera, but it works very well in practice and is surprisingly easy to handle once you get the idae of gripping the flash as well as ...

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Only reason I Wanted to write this comment because I am very happy with this, my 5th small digital camera. I wanted a small camera with a SLR features. This is the only camera currently in the market with RAW image capturing capabilities. The camera is not very expensive (around GBP 145 including set of 4 rechargeable AA batteries & High Speed 1GB RAM). The amount of features and functions built in this camera almost to a digital SLR standard. Hence comparing to the price to value ratio this ...

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I got this cam at bestbuy for $229 with $50 rebate and free shipping so its the best value for a 8mp cam. The video allows zooming and stabilization too which is unheard of for this price. The customization is outstanding and the menu system is great. With the 1.3 firmware update rechargable batteries give you all you need in one sitting and if you have a spare set you are golden. With 1GB card you can take all the pix/vids you want and it has that neat panoramic feature too. Overall I ...

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Faivre thierry

Mon 7 ème appareil et premier Olympus. J'ai commencé avec un 2 mp et depuis j'ai shooté 50000 photos ! alors j'ai un peu d'expérience sur les modèles et les marques ! J'ai acheté aussi le convertisseur 0.7 ainsi qu'une bague 34/37 et un filtre UV 37mm. lls se vissent. La prise en main complète est assez fastidieuse car chaque mode est paramétrable ! mais c'est bien pour qui ne fonctionne pas en auto ! Il est ainsi possible de gérer la qualité de la prise de vue pour un usage écran scr, lcd ou ...

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Sean Gruber

I think we need to call this camera by what it truly is; an enigma in a realm of copycat point and shoot cameras out there. When I began my quest to replace my Canon S70 (which I LOST at the beach) I found that I had two must-have parameters; RAW format and full manual controls. That’s actually why I chose not to buy the S80…no RAW. Since I S80 costs around $500 I rationalized that I could actually purchase TWO cameras if I wanted if they came in under the $500.00 budget. Like the SP-350; I ...

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Let's get to the point: this is a point and shoot camera and it is NOT a SRL!! I have used mine for three months now and I can state that I always obtain excellent, well saturated, perfectly exposed, crisp and perfectly focused photos.I must say that photos I obtain with this little camera are comparable to the ones that I get from my Canon 8 megapixel SRL ! The camera is small, light, solid and well constructed.-It has a lot of selectable parameters, a nice LCD monitor and gets good quality ...

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It takes work to get the best from this camera. But I have never seen a more extensive depth of menu controls yet with important controls quickly available. It's not the quickest to shoot. But with an accurate live-histogram display, low noise, total lack of purple fringing and excellent resolution, it's the next best thing to a semi-pro SLR - and it fits in your shirt pocket. Did I mention manual exposure on this camera is so accurate and easy to use that it's actually better than Auto? Is ...

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Although made of plastic, the overall construction feels very sturdy and ergonomic. The build-quality is very good. The camera takes excellent photographs. Very crisp, with vivid color, correctly exposed. It has a hot shoe, full Manual mode, Aperture priority, Shutter priority and a large 2.5" screen. What I don't like: 1. Relatively slow shot to shot times even with the High Speed Type H cards 2. LCD screen not high resolution 3. Occasional focus problems Bottom line: Since Olympus does not ...

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