Olympus SH-50

Announced Jan 8, 2013 •
16 megapixels | 3 screen | 25 – 600 mm (24×)
Henry Falkner

I wanted it as an upgrade from my SZ-30MR, specifically for video stabilisation and more than 2 stills in each video clip. In my first unintended test video I took 6 stills, and the stills have the same exposure as the video. The videos that night from the Morris practice with the camera mounted on my accordion as I am playing it show none of the jerkiness I had to put up with through a succession of cameras since 1999. The LI-90B battery, with a quoted rating of 1275 mA hours, lasted through ...

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I purchased this camera as a point and shoot alternative to my Canon SLR. I wanted a small camera with big zoom that could take sharp images and could record decent video. What sold me on it is the new Olympus 5-axis image stabilization. The IS is instantly noticeable, and is by far the best advantage to this camera. Even at full zoom and/or in low light conditions the videos and images have little or no motion blurring compared to the slew of other point and shoot camera that I have owned. A ...

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Beautiful form meets ultimate function in this camera and that's no exageration. I have had five digital cameras before this one, including an interchangeable lens micro 4/3rds Olympus that I liked very well. None has had the full features in a convenient size as this one does. The menus are intuative and easy to use, the buttons are comfortably and traditionally located and the anti-shake features are as good as Olympus claims. Best and most important of all the photos look extremely fine ...

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