PIX 2015

Olympus FE-340 (C-560)

Announced Jan 22, 2008 •
8 megapixels | 2.7 screen | 36 – 180 mm (5×)

OK, I have had this for a while, and its my first digital thats not been a canon. I purchased it for a few reasons as a pocket camera to suppliment my Powershot S2IS and my latest EOS 1000D DSLR which are both big. First, the size , Its great, very compact yet still offering a big display, second, good specs on paper, I still wanted a reasonable degree of zoom, and megapixle count. Finally, I liked the in hand build quality, it feels sturdy for the size. Over all, Its a decent camera, but its ...

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To put this review in perspective when I mark a 3 etc I'm realistic about how I think it compares to others in it's market (slimline/compact) etc...It seems EVERY camera gets a rating >3 for just about everything...and not every camera can be "better than average"...anyway that gripe out of my system... I think most people will use the editing software that came with the camera (which is very good for the novice to keen amateur) to adjust photos, otherwise the internal editing features are ...

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