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Olympus C-765 UZ

Announced Feb 12, 2004 •
4 megapixels | 1.8 screen | 38 – 380 mm (10×)

I have had this camera for about a month now and I am very happy with it. Compared to my exilim Z-40 the picture quality is amazing, the c-765 ultra takes excellent, very sharp clear pictures. The 10x optical zoom is great too, and I was very suprized to find that the digital zoom quality was very good, strange as many digital cameras produce very bad digital zoom pictures. This will give you a total of 40x zoom. Movie mode is very good even though at 15fps. I use this camera alot as I do ...

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I have had two C-765s, having purchased the second after the first was stolen. Obviously, I was very happy with the first (except as noted under "problems"; it produced sharp photos with fine colors and I appreciated the ultra-zoom feature. The second was a different story; it produced photos that all were slightly out of focus and the colors appeared washed-out. After having spent much time on the phone getting to and talking with the Olympus technicians (this was no fun; one has to go ...

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The picture quality from this camera was excellent , I was really impressed with the x 10 zoom and also the macro feature. However I have returned the camera for a refund now as it developed a fault in the optical system creating lines across the picture within 16 days of buying it. The maker repaired it taking three weeks and returned it with a different problem which would take another three weeks to resolve so I sent it back to the retailer for refund. Problems: Failed within 16 days of ...

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This is the second olympus camera i bought. This time, it surpassed my expectations again. However, it's not a perfect 10 camera. Pros: Small size for a super zoom camera. But don't dream about putting it in your side pocket. Accurate EVF relatively fast start up time, and short shutter lag. Like usual, accurate color and saturation for most pictures. Problems: Cons: For some strange can only use zoom or record voice while shooting movies, but not both =S Image stablizer would be ...

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This camera was my obvious choice for its intended use. After looking at many 5+ megapixel cameras none were both in my price range and had a reasonable zoom for birding photos and other wildlife. This 10x wonder lens pulls in the target and the excellent speed still captures brilliant colors and sharp details. This is my first digital, being an SLR nut for most of my life. I love it. Good solid construction. Very good viewfinder and manual settings galore. You will have to read the ...

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To boost the confidence of new buyers looking for a small camera with a big zoom. Many features and lots of advanced options here. This is the camera that can do it all. You can obtain one for $400- US or less which is a bargain for a 10X zoom digicam with a large lens. The camera feels solid and it takes gorgeous shots. I hardly ever use the flash, since it has a large lens which lets a lot of light in. Full manual mode comes handy for me, like ISO selection, manual focus, exposure comp, ...

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Previous post was concerned about hard to focus in low light because absence of focus light. I agree. However, thre's instructions in book to fix this. Just press the OK button until you get the function to choose between Autofocus and Manualfocus. Choose manual. then use the up/down buttons and you will find a window pops up where you can refocus. This is a totally underestimated camera. I used to own a C-2100 and that was an awesome camera. This is far more. It has 14X optical at ...

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I am so glad I bought this camera. It has a lot of zoom and a very very very very good macro function (3 cm). You can make a lot of great pictures with it. The difference between and older is, in the older versions you can put 4 normal batteries in them, in this one there is one lithium battery, I can only suggest to buy one extra. Even though it is slightly slow indoors, it just depends what you want to use it for, I use it mainly outdoors and it is fast enough for me. The picture quality is ...

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I took mine back , focusing way too slow indoors. Outside in bright light its fair, but inside even in medium lighting its just way to slow. It has no focus assist lamp Problems: see above

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